TikTok Tests New AI-Powered Chatbot Named Tako For Video Recommendations And Automated Responses

TikTok has entered the AI race with a bang as the leading social media app is believed to have begun testing its new chatbot.

The new project is dubbed Tako and while it might only be in its early phase of tests, one thing is for sure. Experts claim things are already appearing very promising. But what exactly will this chatbot be able to do for the platform is a question that is on many people's minds.

And the answer is here. It’s not only going to provide users of the app the chance to put out recommendations for videos but it would also be generating responses to questions regarding the types of content that users engage upon.

The news comes to us thanks to a recently published report by TechCrunch which says the test was recently carried out in the Philippines. Moreover, Tako is getting powered by a chat assistant owned by a third party which is created to help make the entire process of entertaining and exploring a wonderful adventure. Similarly, it’s designed to provide more inspiration for users related to how they can make better content online and get the views and engagement they need.

The firm has been in the testing phase for quite some time now and they hope to carry on with it to ensure successful results in the long term because as was seen with other archrivals in the industry, nothing works too well when things are rushed.

TikTok says it does hope to feature the chatbot in a more prominent manner on the platform. Moreover, a shortcut for this would be seated in the menu’s top right-hand corner and that would be near the bookmark shortcuts with likes feature.

While we personally may not have gotten a close glimpse of what it actually looks like yet, the way it’s being described by those who have had a sneak peek is definitely something worth raving for.

It’s quite similar to the way we saw tech giant Snapchat provide its chatbot called My AI provides a new push to the top of a person’s chat. However, unlike My AI, it appears that TikTok is trying to promote this new endeavor as one used to find the latest content and discuss more what goes on inside clips.

Similarly, we’re also hearing about how the firm is experimenting more in the AI domain with avatars but again, not a lot of detailed information was provided on that front.

Screenshots via: Watchful.AI / Blog.

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