Twitter Rolls Out New Updates For DMs Including Direct Replies And New Emoji Picker

Twitter is making some new and exciting changes to its DM feature with the launch of two new updates.

The company says it’s been in the works of rolling out such changes for a while now and it’s finally time for a release.

For starters, the company is now allowing users to send out direct replies to any message seen in a thread for DMs. This just makes it so much simpler to not only interact through groups but also provide a discussion on the matter. Similarly, it adds a lot more clarity depending on what and who the response is for.

As can be witnessed through a recently published example that was shared by leading social media engineer Matt Navarra, you can send out replies to certain texts across chat threads. Hence, this would be lined up against the classic message bubble when compared to getting added toward the chain’s end.

Twitter is similarly adding new emoji pickers inside DMs where users can send out reactions to messages with a long range of options for emojis.

The company says it first sent out a preview regarding this in January of last year. And that provides a lot more ways to make use of emoji replies inside DMs. it’s just another great and fun way to bring out chat interactions.

Additionally, the app’s chief mentioned how such encrypted DMs would be launched in the upcoming week and that would include more security as well as privacy on the platform.

The app has been busy creating encrypted DMs for a few months now and that caused the tech billionaire to label it as one of their main projects when taking over the app initially.

A lot of people have some major concerns regarding this and the great protection for threat actors that might lead to more crimes online, the overall response from the masses appears to be a greater level of security for all people involved. It’s so much more important than the risks linked to it.

While some people may fail to agree, it’s like seeing the company take on a new approach that’s quite similar to Meta’s in terms of adding End-to-End encryption through various messaging options.

Similarly, the Twitter chief did mention how he’s keen on adding options for video and audio calls soon that’s going to be up for grabs on the app’s DMs while it expands across connective capacity for such an option.

With time, more and more social media apps are converting over to private texting and it’s far away from feed posts generated publicly. Such new inclusions and updates would allow the app to lean into such trends and give rise to a large array of options in people’s connection channels for the app.

Such challenges are bringing up more thoughts including how exactly monetization would be carried out as not a lot of people are interested in the concept of ads across DMs. With that being said, the move that heads toward entertainment as compared to connection across the main feed is providing more room for ad placements as well as a greater number of chances.

It’s a major shift in the world of social media and while it might not be taking place at the speed that many had hoped for at the start, it’s happening. With time, social feeds are getting more entertaining and finding more elements.

That gets shared among close friend groups in the private circle as compared to flagging interests across the feed. So it might be something major for ads and it’s definitely worth considering when you tap into this new normal world that has plenty of outreach strategies for those interested in the future.

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