Google’s New Android Auto-Update Makes Drivers' Time In The Car More Productive

Google has made some major announcements at this year’s I/O developer conference and that includes a new auto-update that’s sure to benefit drivers.

The company’s latest feature for Android users makes drivers’ time spent inside cars all the more productive and it’s all thanks to a new partnership alongside Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft.

This feature allows drivers to take part in some important meetings while driving. So that means you can’t miss an important meeting with the excuse that you were on the road because this type of technology is definitely raising the bar in terms of joining scheduled meetings through audio from a display.

Google says you can continue keeping your eyes on the road and still join the meeting but it failed to set out any form of a timeline as to when it would be allowed. But what we do know is that it’s coming soon and that means saying hello to status updates regarding your projects from the office despite coworkers speeding on the roads.

Android Auto is the name for Google’s latest venture and it’s going to be rolled out to more than 200 million people by this year’s end. It finally get its much anticipated and long-promised overhaul at this year’s CES but the tech giant make several other updates at the developer conference recently too.

Other than this, we’re seeing the tech giant offer its new venture called Google Built-In. And it’s as exact as it sounds. For instance, instead of linking it to a dash screen through a driver’s personal device including Android Auto, this feature would serve as a dash screen-based system for operations.

Plenty of leading automobile brands of the world including Chevrolet, Volvo, Polyester, Honda, and Renault are making headlines and building this as a way of putting the dash screen capabilities near to a mobile phone or a PC.

As mentioned at the CES at the start of this year, the automobile industry is moving nearer toward in-car entertainment along with the launch of driving features that are autonomous. Moreover, the search engine giant hopes the figure for vehicles with this built-in would be more than doubled toward the end of this year.

Today, plenty of drivers in the US are spending close to 70 billion hours each year while hitting the roads. But with the launch of a huge screen and enhanced technology that is put inside such vehicles, you can now spend your time well using apps and offerings that are customized to assist drivers make the most of time spent on the road.

The Android maker adds how cars having the Google built-in feature would now enable users to watch the YouTube app whenever the car might be parked. Drivers only need to make sure that their automaker enabled it through recent updates. But for now, we do know through a confirmation that firms like Volvo and Polestar did commit to adding it to their cars but the exact timing of when it’s going to happen is still a mystery.

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