TikTok Stored Top American Creators’ And Businesses’ Financial Details In China, New Report Confirms

Things are not looking too great for the relationship between leading social media app TikTok and the US after a startling new report by Forbes has unveiled some interesting details.

TikTok has been accused of going as far as storing thousands of sensitive details belonging to both American creators and firms. This entails details like financial data and tax identification and even social security numbers.

Such information is designated to be of top priority and very sensitive in nature and it goes against the testimonial set out by the firm’s own CEO who arrived in Washington in March to speak in front of Congress.

Shou Chew stated that the app does in fact store such details belonging to Americans but he failed to delineate that it was being done across databases in China. Instead, he mentioned how the data was getting stored across the state of Virginia and also in the nation of Singapore.

The report by Forbes has also gone on to speak about how the creators and their firms gave out more details to the organization and got payments in return from the platform as it stored the data across Chinese servers so its workers could attain easy access.

The platform was similarly called out for using various types of tools by the app’s parent firm which is based in Beijing. It was trying hard to process the endeavor to all creators as well as vendors that try to make funds on the app. This entails plenty of the app’s own leading creators across both Europe and the US.

Forbes did not back down easily and presented plenty of reports to prove its point in the form of evidence. This included screengrabs, audio, images of documents, and even videos. They were all labeled with the tag of being confidential. Similarly, the leading media outlet confirmed how they had conducted various interviews and chats with sources that were close to the matter.

Chew had spoken about this in his testimony where he says that no data records were in China but they were in the US and Singapore and only attained by authorized engineers as per need.

When asked to comment on the startling matter, a spokesperson at TikTok mentioned to Forbes how the firm stood by its CEO's remarks that were made during his testimonial in Washington to Congress.

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