New Report Says American Government Agencies Are Using Malware Similar To Banned Pegasus Spyware

It’s been more than a year and a half since we last heard about the ban on Pegasus spyware in the US.

But now, a new and striking report is shedding light on at least one government-based agency in the US that’s making use of this in a manner that’s similar to the malware of another firm called Paragon Graphite.

Experts claim this new firm under question has some similar capabilities to that witnessed with Pegasus and the DEA happens to be using it in the US.

Before we go on further, it’s important to have some clarification on the matter and how the NSO Group who was known to be behind Pegasus led to a total ban in the country. What were they doing wrong that many people found it hard to digest?

Pegasus was sold off to the government and other law firms. Moreover, we saw the firm making plenty of purchases through the likes of hackers. The software tends to give in to exploitation that can be achieved through zero clicks, all thanks to the great skill of hackers. Moreover, such software can produce its target without any interaction.

This is quite similar to getting some specific iMessage and you can get that without carrying out any form of interaction. Moreover, you can enable one iPhone which would enable it to get compromised while putting user data at risk.

In the year 2021, we saw officials from the American Government mention how the spyware was a huge threat to America’s national security. Moreover, it was banned in the nation through either public or private firms.

So with time, we saw the American Government speak of using Paragon Graphite as another alternative to the usual. And America’s Drug Enforcement Agency seems to be a part of the lead for this product that has been dubbed Graphite.

New reports by the Financial Times stated how the American Government makes use of this technology as it can pierce all sorts of protections linked to modern-day smart devices. Similarly, it can evade various forms of encryption for messaging applications such as WhatsApp and harvest data thanks to the likes of cloud backups. And yes, it’s very similar to its counterpart Pegasus in this ordeal.

For now, the DEA is awfully hushed on the matter and not releasing any more comments on this situation. But it did reveal how its agency ended up purchasing Graphite to be used by agencies in Mexico so they could curb the drug cartel situation.

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