Elon Musk Is Complying With Every Government Request And That’s Raising A Huge Question On Twitter’s Censorship

When we first heard about tech billionaire Elon Musk taking over Twitter, he made it very clear that his top priority would be freedom of speech.

The world’s second richest person said the tech world needed a platform that would not restrict people from speaking their minds. And as you can imagine, when Twitter under his leadership came into existence, people had one question on their minds.

What would the new Twitter chief do when he and his platform gets bombarded with all kinds of requests from so many Government and that too, from all sorts of different regions? This includes those where his other businesses are based like Tesla.

Remember, Tesla is one firm that gets a lot of its business from places like China in terms of both sales as well as manufacturing. Moreover, so many parts of the vehicles are produced there and now, we’re hearing about a business expansion in places like India and even Turkey.

All the governments in these places are putting out more measures to put a halt to speech and platforms and other means. And that is why they’ve been facing a lot of trouble dealing with social media firms in the recent past.

As far as Twitter is concerned, the tech billionaire says he is doing everything in his power to face all kinds of government requests, and that too, a report that depicts Twitter complying with so many requests thrown in its direction.

Ever since we saw Elon Musk's takeover, the firm got a staggering 971 requests from various governments when compared to a fraction of what was observed in the past. A year later, we saw Musk say yes to 50% of those and it had to do with compliance rates that were showcased in another transparency report.

Musk has mentioned time and time again how he’s got zero chance to comply with such an ordeal as such requests get governed by some laws in various regions and the app would need to be aligned with regional laws.

We saw Twitter last year go to court when India wanted it to ban all profiles linked to Pakistan as the countries’ governments were not getting along. And that was a decision that put the platform of being banned in the country.

Now, Musk is busy trying his best to align with officials in each nation and that is raising a huge question on censorship. After all, where did freedom of speech go?

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