TikTok Gears Up To Provide Complete Access To Its Source Code And Algorithm To Oracle Corp.

Social media giant TikTok is turning heads after its recent decision to grant complete access to its algorithm, source codes, and material used for content moderation to Oracle Corp.

The shocking call seems to be a part of the company’s ways of relieving concerns that have to do with national security in the US of this particular app.

Oracle says it would also start to monitor all of the gateways present that include surveillance of where data exits and enters. The goal is to ensure a much more safe surrounding where servers are strategically set for the sake of hosting data of the app to users in the US. this was a statement set out by the firm on Monday.

This all happens to be an integral component of the app’s new plan called Project Texas. And there are no guesses to determine the purpose of such behavior because it’s so obvious.

There has been much talk and speculation about how many feel the app is just not doing enough to keep citizens’ data safe from external sources. And we mean government officials in China who TikTok has been accused of sharing data with in the past.

It was even forced to testify before the American Congress regarding the alleged behavior and that is what led to more bans of the app from devices owned by the American government officials to ensue.

TikTok says it’s very open to allowing its company and app to be under scrutiny and hence a great step in that direction has to do with a thorough review by its partners including Oracle that assess the huge risks pertaining to privacy and the security of its users.

The popular app put out a new plan that alleviated hash criticism that came from leading policymakers that continue to worry about the leading role that Bytedance plays for TikTok as its parent firm. Remember, it’s based in China and there are plenty of people in the US who are skeptical about such links.

As we speak, there are so many parts of this project that are currently in operation and it would bring forward a long list of some more interesting features in the upcoming few months. Moreover, has even begun carrying out a complete inspection of the app’s source codes that was unveiled in January of this year. So as you can see, it’s really picking up the pace fast.

Both companies vow to work side by side as they find the right answer to such issues set forward by the American Government. So many teams are currently in collaboration to monitor and provide all users with the best experience out there, TikTok’s spokesperson went on to add.

For now, Oracle has opted to stay hush on this matter and is not putting forward any comments either. But thanks to a recently published report by Bloomberg, we know that TikTok is excited to provide more details to the public about this new and striking decision that it feels can better the doubts people have regarding the app functioning in the country.

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