Google Agrees To Pay $40 Million To Settle Lawsuit Accusing It Of Deceptive Location Tracking Practices

Tech giant Google is keen on solving a lawsuit filed by the state of Washington by paying a settlement fund worth $40 million.

The Android maker was accused of making use of deceptive practices to track users’ locations without them knowing or giving consent. But that’s not all. The company has also vowed to alter a few practices providing consumers with greater information regarding account settings that have to do with location tracking.

This particular case was set out by the state’s AG who is Bob Ferguson. He alleged how the company cheated users by making them incorrectly assume they’ve got full control of their data and accounts when it comes down to location.

However, the reality of the matter is linked to a complete failure of stopping the world-famous search engine from grasping location data and the related history of users. And that includes gaining profits from such illegal actions.

Instead of taking on settlements that involved several different states, a unique lawsuit was put forward by the state of Washington on the commands of the Attorney General.

Google was blatantly slammed for denying citizens of the state from selecting which firm would track all of their sensitive details linked to their location. They were deceived but Google did not hesitate in making more money by this practice, the case went on to reveal.

So as you can see, this holds Google, which is deemed as a powerful tech giant, completely accountable for such actions as they profit from such practices. The resolution set out today is said to be a new stepping stone that would now prevent other major firms from thinking about going down this route as the punishment is harsh for unethical practices.

The Washington state Attorney General says grabbing hold of location information, despite people turning their history off in the settings section is beyond wrong. And he also revealed how such practices must only occur if consent is provided which Google failed to do while reaping the benefits.

Now, Google is being called out to show greater transparency regarding how the firm uses data belonging to its users. This includes providing complete details on which sources it uses for such behavior and technology too. Similarly, where this information goes and how it’s used must be revealed.

The American state of Washington says it hopes to make use of the funds it gets from Google’s settlement to ensure all similar rules are enforced under the CPA and also hopes to further intensify crackdowns against those engaging in such behavior.

For those who might now be aware, such behavior is a huge crime as experts claim all tech giants are warned against such ordeals enlisted in the Consumer Protection Act. But despite the fact that Google signed the agreement, it went on to take advantage of its leading market leading position and fool hundreds.

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