TikTok Files New Lawsuit Against The US State Of Montana For Banning The App

Last week we saw the Governor of the American state of Montana pass the ban on the TikTok app into the legislature.

The news left people around the US in shock while the creators of the app were not happy as was the company. Those who rely on the platform for making content were quick to file a lawsuit against Montana for oppressing the voice of its citizens.

And today, we are hearing TikTok step into the game and mount greater pressure against the ruling with its own legal persecution.

While not a lot of details were revealed in fine print regarding the ban and how quickly it would come into effect and what users can expect in Montana regarding it, we were made aware that it was happening and there was no turning back.

But TikTok’s legal case comes exactly seven days from the signing by Gov. Greg Gianforte who ensure it was now added to the bill after penning down his signatures.

This law would show its effects from the start of next year and would ban the platform from carrying out functions in the entire state. In the same way, it’s now being revealed how it would force plenty of app stores for smartphones to ensure TikTok was not up for grabs for users to install in this particular state too.

It’s a challenge and the state of Montana says the ban is designed to provide protection for firms and the thousands of people who make use of the popular social media platform. But TikTok is not happy and the company’s spokesperson revealed through a recent statement to the press that their case would end up prevailing because they had enough backup with facts to prove their points.

This particular lawsuit set out by the company which is under the leadership of China’s ByteDance, comes amid huge criticism from known groups that advocate for civil rights such as the ACLU. The latter and many others have time after time shed light on how the app needed to see a ban across the US and not just one state.

This is after shocking allegations came forward about how the platform shares sensitive data of users with government authorities in China which is against all privacy and security regulations.

But TikTok has long denied this behavior and claims that it has never indulged in data transfers of this kind. Hence, they’re now moving ahead with a lawsuit that claims that Montana’s actions are totally against the country’s First Amendment while dubbing the act unconstitutional.

TikTok has similarly said that no American state has the right to enforce such a ban as complete control lies within a nation’s Federal Government to make such decisions. So if a ban was to come forward, it would be the White House if it felt America’s national security was really being threatened, it added.

What’s interesting is how American creators agree with everything that TikTok has to say and feel their freedom of speech is at stake after such a ban and that cannot happen as it goes against the American constitution.

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