Bad News For IFTTT Users As Applet Service All Set To Introduce Only Paid Twitter Access

In the advancing tech world of today, getting anything for free is deemed to be a remarkable blessing. Unfortunately, all good things do come to an end and now, we’re seeing more paid subscriptions take center stage.

One such example is for IFTTT users who would no longer be able to attain Twitter applets for free. To continue getting access, they would need to pay a fixed sum of money and as you can imagine, users are not happy with the decision that was announced today.

The company also mentioned how it would be winding down access to the already small number of applets left that users may make use of. And this change would come into effect immediately and without any further delays, it added.

Users making use of the paid service would continue using it per usual standards as this was published through an immediate notice on the website.

Those making use of it for free would now get only two applets which is a step down from the previous guidelines that stood at three.

And in case you’re still wondering where the sudden arrival of this news has come from, well, the answer is simple. Ever since we heard tech billionaire and Twitter chief mention the decision to start charging for endeavors such as API access, a decision like this was bound to come.

This came back with its fair share of drawbacks for the company including how several services like WordPress would opt to delete the app’s sharing feature on social media.

For those concerned about the cost related to such change, well, it’s going to be in the form of two tiers on offer. One comprises a Pro-plan that arises at $2.5 each month while the Pro+ would be worth double the figure at $5 each month.

Meanwhile, subscribers for this Pro Tier would be able to utilize nearly 20 different applets while the latter would get access to an unlimited figure of applets.

The website also alleged how such a decision was taken for users’ own benefit as it tries to eliminate free accounts and provide greater support for the entire community. Moreover, there is more focus on the likes of making this entire IFTTT process better than before, it continued.

There was no news on why a specific clause targeting Twitter users was being enforced for those having free accounts. But it did mention how those individuals would now be able to choose in advance which applets would continue to be active in this new two-figure limit that starts today.

And if you can’t make up your mind, well, the company would be selecting your applets for you, it adds through a website warning.

It was until the year 2020 that users were taking advantage of fully free services by IFTTT but then it set out to launch a new Pro Plan for users and that’s when we first saw more new restrictions or limits brought forward.

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