Tech Bosses Summoned To White House And Told To Protect Public From Dangers Of AI

Bosses of leading tech giant companies were recently summoned to the White House where they were briefed and requested to protect the public against a great many threats from AI.

The list of those who made their way to the US Capital included Google’s Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and Sam Altmann from OpenAI. They were all informed about how they had a huge moral responsibility that rest on their shoulders in terms of protecting and safeguarding the society.

It was very clear how The White House would be required to control that sector further and it only recently set out an array of AI products including ChatGPT and Bard and how they’ve really grabbed a hold of the public’s perception.

The products in question are providing regular users with the chance to chat with the likes of Generative AI and which can provide a summary of data from several sources in a span of a few seconds only. Similarly, they could debug computer codes, produce presentations, and even come up with poetry that sounds appealing and acceptable, just like it was generated by humans.

This rollout has really set out a new debate regarding the AI role in this world and it continues to offer a very tangible illustration regarding the huge line of risks and rewards that pops up with such technology.

Tech executives were all gathered on Thursday at the high-profile meeting in the White House where they were told that it was all up to them to firmly ensure the safety of other citizens who had complete trust and reliance upon them.

The number of products in question is plenty and the White House administration also confirmed how they were more than open to carrying out new laws and regulations on how to better cover the subject of AI so it’s a safety matter for all involved.

This rollout really ended up sparking a new debate regarding what role artificial intelligence plays in today’s world. It’s a very tangible illustration of the huge risks involved and the great rewards that such technology possesses in this day and age.

Sam Altman of OpenAI spoke to reporters recently where he added how he was pleasantly surprised to see regulators being on the same page in terms of what is needed to happen.

Meanwhile, the country’s VP, Kamala Harris was also seen issuing a statement on this ordeal. She revealed how this had a huge potential to enhance other people’s lives.
The tech sector had many roles to play and that includes ethical, legal, and moral responsibilities to make sure there was enough security and safety of products.

At the moment, the current Biden administration has set out a mega $140 million investment that will see the launch of research institutes that are based on AI.

There is definitely a huge call for the massive rise in emerging AI and the fact that it needs to be regulated further is one call being made by tech leaders as well as the country’s politicians.

The news comes as the man dubbed ‘godfather of AI’, Geoffrey Hinton recently bid farewell to Google citing claims that he had huge regrets about his work. He similarly spoke to the BBC during a recent interview about how AI was a scary world and it came with huge dangers that cannot be ignored. And seeing someone who helped the technology evolve mention this and also reveal how much he regretted his work in allowing it to come forward shows how serious the situation is.

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