AI That’s As Powerful As The Human Brain May Arrive In A Few Years' Time, Claims DeepMind’s Boss

The world of AI is taking over all sectors and now we’re hearing more news about how the technology could really transform into something that’s as smart as the human brain. And it’s just a few years away as predicted by the boss of Google’s AI division, Deep Mind.

The news comes to us thanks to a recently published report by The Wall Street Journal which says Demis Hassabis, who happens to be the CEO and co-founder of the London division of DeepMind, thinks artificial general intelligence might be a realm worth exploring.

It has to do with AI abilities that are on the same wavelength as humans and that happens to be on the horizon of AI research. The concept is very theoretical in this field but more and more research is being done regarding the world of AI.

Speaking during a recent conference for the WSJ, he acknowledge how there was a lot of progress being done in the past few years and it’s been quite interesting and a little mind-blowing too.

General systems that depict the human mind are not far away from us, Hassabis added and his comments arose at a time when tech giant Google who bought the firm for a staggering price tag of $500 million in the year 2014, is looking forward to fortifying its workings by doubling down on the AI world. It is trying hard to fend off challenges to the absolute core of OpenAI, who are the makers of ChatGPT.

Hassabis is one of the key figures that is trying to enable Google’s mission to move ahead in the AI world and put out more capabilities that were revealed in the past month as the head of the new Google division that combines DeepMind with Google Brain, which happens to be a separate AI research division.

Ever since it was founded in the year 2010, we saw DeepMind turn this entire ordeal into a new mission to solve such puzzles linked to intelligence by creating machines that are capable of thinking, acting, and even learning about what humans do.

Today, so many researchers in this industry are becoming more and more aware of the benefits linked to pursuing AGI. And that’s very true provided the many issues linked to inaccuracy and misuse that were set out by huge language models that underlie tools including ChatGPT and even Google’s rival tech firm named Bard.

During his latest press conference with the media, the boss of Google’s DeepMind adds that he did not see why or how the progress of the AI world would be halted but he did suggest how the development of AGI technologies would need to take place in a very intricate manner as it made use of scientific techniques. This entails some rigorous trials as well as testing for such endeavors.

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