AI Tools Such As Chatbots Boosted Worker Productivity By 14 Percent, New Research Proves

The world of AI has taken off with a bang in the tech world and beyond, with more and more sectors making the most of recent tools like chatbots.

While some might be a little apprehensive at first in terms of the usage of these offerings, the latest study by MIT and Standford is proving why you shouldn’t be shy to implement the endeavor into your workforce.

As reported by Bloomberg recently, we’re talking about a new study that is known to be the first biggest real-world application of generative AI at the workplace. Plenty of researchers took part and carried out measurements for the productivity of nearly 5,000 people working as experts in customer support.

Most of these agents were based in nations like the Philippines where they were a part of the leading Fortune 500 enterprise software company. The study went on for a span of one year.

The agents working in tech support were reported as utilizing AI tools for things like the development of conversational scripts or chats whose productivity was greatly enhanced. This happened to be measured by the number of issues resolved each hour. And on average, it was outlined to be 14%. But the improvement was more pronounced for workers that were novices as well as those that were poorly skilled. The latter ended up getting their work done nearly 35% faster than others.

There were a few situations where making use of AI went above having real-life work experience. In other words, those using AI support did a better job when compared to agents working without the facility of AI, over a timeframe of six months.

On the other hand, such AI tools ended up showcasing a small impact on experienced workers having great skills. And there were also times when it ended up serving as a huge distraction.

One of the Ph.D. candidates added how support for AI could be quite helpful in terms of workers at the entry-level and those outlined as having early careers with not a lot of experience in the field. Therefore, the study showed how those employees with less experience benefited more from AI by taking on recommendations so they could attain speed and receive training in skillsets that arise with experience in the field.

Keeping that aside, the research proved how AI tools benefited the best and brightest of the industry where workers classified as the best and brightest of them all were training the AI alone. They are among those that turn these into recommendations so others can benefit.

Therefore, such studies claim that firms need to realize how changes in productivity are a signal that those performing at their best need to be rewarded for their great behavior and setting out solutions so others may benefit.

As a whole, the study also shows how AI assistance enhances customer satisfaction, betters rates for retention of employees, and also limits requests for interventions of the managerial position.

The authors started to explain how such research is not designed to predict if AI can or will replace a business’s workforce. However, it can conclude that technology assists workers in a more effective manner in terms of multitasking and handling more complex issues at a faster pace.

And as we all are well aware, better results that arise at a faster pace than usual are bound to make customers happy. And they end up being really nice to agents in the customer service industry while enhancing retention rates of employees.

Remember, the authors also quoted how such endeavors like AI tools end up making individuals more effective at the workplace, and that makes the general environment a more pleasurable and stress-free place to carry out duties.

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