AI Could Be More Dangerous If Misused By Bad Actors, Confirms Microsoft’s Top Economist

The chief economist of Microsoft, Michael Schwarz mentioned how the world of AI had the capability of causing more damage if and when it fell into the wrong hands.

The bold and shocking statement was recently mentioned during an economic forum on Wednesday where Michael did not back down from speaking his mind on the matter.

He said the world of AI could end up doing a lot of damage if made use by people that worked as spammers that tried to disrupt the whole elections phase, as mentioned by Bloomberg this week.

The statements went on to reveal how AI could be used by bad actors and there was a lot of confidence in that. But the end result could be real harm, as explained by Schwarz during his Geneva panel meeting.

It’s very interesting how the news comes after a period when we saw tech giant Microsoft fuel a huge wave of interest in the AI world in recent times, including how it made a billion-dollar investment with ChatGPT makers OpenAI.

They were integrating the concept of AI into a huge suite of products including Bing and Microsoft Office so it was posing huge new challenges to the likes of Google.

While Microsoft’s CEO is quite optimistic about the great chances that AI can give to the world, he mentioned in February how this kind of technology would end up producing more jobs and would also continue to turn existing ones into something that was more productive.

Today, there are more fears regarding the advancements of AI, despite a huge series of risks that it presents forward.

ChatGPT and other generative AI tools are constantly seen making major blunders. And the CEO for OpenAI also mentioned how in February, this chatbot had a serious number of issues. He called it out as a major cool but very horrible product.

During this panel, Schwarz claimed how strongly he felt about AI being more tightly regulated. Similarly, he sent out a caution statement against its regulation that ended up getting in the way of the major benefits that AI continues to hold.

After seeing the real harm at stake, many people need to ask themselves one simple query, he revealed. And that had to do with whether or not we could regulate it in a good way where great things would be prevented by such regulation and how those are quite less important when keeping the big picture in mind.

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