Public Concern Grows as AI's Impact on Jobs Comes Under Scrutiny

A recent study highlights that over half of the globe's population is worried about Artificial Intelligence's impact on their professional careers. It analyzed 17 different regions and found that individuals are stressed about the impacts of this technology.

These results are being highlighted at a period when these types of advancements are being used by various industries across the world. Although AI can change the world positively, there are also some major drawbacks of this technology.

The report further discovered that individuals in Asia were most worried about this issue. Over seventy-five percent of respondents in India, and seventy percent in UAE were highly stressed about this issue. Further, on the Europe side, the graph was a little lower, as only forty-seven percent of respondents were worried about this issue in Germany.

It also highlighted that many respondents believed that governments must take measures to control Artificial Intelligence's use in organizations.

The findings further show that a large amount of the public is worried about AI's effect on the employee force. Individuals are worried about getting their jobs replaced due to the better accuracy and efficiency of artificial intelligence.

Experts are looking to solve these issues by upskilling various programs that may help workers in combating these problems. They are undergoing several programs to help workers in facing the current challenges.
Thus, there are many opportunities, despite these challenges. The report also highlights the optimistic approach that AI could lead in various industries. Additionally, respondents supported the employment of AI to enhance public safety and security.

The report emphasizes the need for collaboration among politicians, business executives, and academics to meet the potential problems posed by AI. It might be possible to guarantee that the advantages of AI are distributed more widely, and that people are not left behind in the race toward automation by making investments in education and training programs and offering new opportunities for workers.

H/T: YouGov

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