Global Tensions: Countries Across the World Report Armed Clashes in 2023

With the world stepping into the current year, many regions are still fighting various conflicts that are leading to armed clashes and outbreaks of violence.

The widely affected region is Yemen, where the conflicts have been heated since 2014. These problems are resulting in the suffering of many people around the country. Besides Yemen, Syria is also facing wars over the past 10 years, leading to worse outcomes.

Africa is also not far behind in these conflicts and wars. The rise of human violence and civil wars have taken place in various regions of Africa. Parts, such as Nigeria and Sudan are also widely affected due to these conflicts.

In addition, Asia is also experiencing conflicts from previous years. Afghanistan has been under the control of the Taliban, since 2021, which is leading to violence in Afghanistan. While neighboring countries including India and Pakistan also facing armed clashes as per ACLED data. Further, clashes between the army and the local public are also experienced in Myanmar.

Europe's situation is also not peaceful as compared to other countries around the globe. The war between Russia & Ukraine is impacting widely on the economies and the clashes of both countries. These conflicts are resulting in the deaths of thousands of people in these affected countries.

America's situation is also not better as various states have reported several conflicts and clashes over the past decade. These clashes are the source of wars and political instability around the US.

Thus, these past and current conflicts around the globe have resulted in suffering for local individuals. The impacts of these conflicts can worsen, further leading to deaths, displacement, and economic instabilities.

Even while efforts have been made to end these conflicts in a variety of ways, the world community still must come together and find answers to the issues preventing war and its worst effects. For the sake of people's safety, the globe needs more stability and peace.

H/T: Acleddata Via Statista

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