Most Parents Are Concerned About The Negative Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health, New Survey Proves

There are so many concerns linked to the growth of social media as time goes by. And a recent survey is shedding light on just that.

Parents are worried that social media takes a negative toll on both kids and adolescents. As per the national survey that had been carried out online by The Harris Poll, results proved how 50% of parents of kids below the age of 18 had a fear that their kids’ mental health was in decline since the past year, thanks to excess usage of social media.

And to best evaluate such conditions regarding how social media affects kids’ mental health, the survey’s authors are now sending out recommendations to both parents and guardians about how they need to settle down and have a regular chats with kids. This was pertaining to the use of such apps and how that can make them feel at the end of it all.

Taking care of children’s mental health in the online world has really become a new chat out of home and also an issue that needs attention on the national level. It was between April 2022 and 2023 that apps like TikTok ended up putting out new measures for safety. Today, so many lawmakers are setting out bills that would restrict access of users to social media.

It’s a positive step in the right direction but it won’t be wrong to mention how parents feel this is not enough. The trend is proving to enhance both anxiety and depression in kids when made use of appropriately. There is so much hurtful language getting used and then you’ve got the likes of bullies to deal with too.

But some experts claim it’s not too bad and the positive light of things much be appreciated too. This includes a sense of belonging to the community as well as great relationships with a great self-understanding.

In the past year, such surveys have depicted how the figure of American respondents that feel social media is positive and has no damaging effect on mental health continues to be in decline. It’s a massive drop from the 43% that we saw last year.

Today’s world has become so digital and it’s become highly integral for both parents as well as caregivers to understand what the pros and cons of this endeavor are and how they can work to conduct open means for communication regarding what kids are going through online.

It’s related to getting curious about what things kids are doing in the online world as well as parents playing some sort of active role in engagement for social media. This is instead of the usual limit for exposure. The end goal is to make more and more people feel comfortable when asking queries and then seeking assistance when they require it.

Today, there are so much fewer parents that would claim that they’re comfortable with chats and children regarding mental health. There’s a 5% drop from 91% to 86% in the year 2023. And to better assist such chats, there need to be more open chats that are routine to really make a difference.

The survey gives both parents as well as guardians a more simple and easy-to-follow guide with the right tools to begin a chat. This is related to what is happening in the social media world and what strategies are getting used in terms of setting boundaries and keeping the world safe.

While experts agree that it might be hard to strike a balance between enabling kids to explore social media and avoiding the hazards that this endeavor brings forward, one thing is for sure. This needs to be done to build a strong relationship of trust to reap the advantages of social media and minimize the risks of negative happenings.

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