New Survey Reveals Nearly 95% of Creators Make Content With the Help of AI

AI has become a hot topic as of late because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up transforming the manner in which we engage in various practices. One area of the economy that people thought might take a hit is the creator niche, with many assuming that the services of creative professionals would become less necessary than might have been the case otherwise.

In spite of the fact that this is the case, it turns out that creators are actually leveraging AI tools to improve their performance and make far better content than in the past. Influencer Marketing Factory recently conducted a survey to shed some light on how popular AI tools have become among creatives, and it turns out that the vast majority of them are using these tools on a regular basis.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that as many as 94.5% of creators have admitted to using AI to aid them in the creation of content. Around 660 creators were polled in this survey, which reveals the enormous extent to which AI is now being utilized since barely any of these creators have eschewed the use of AI tools in their work flow.

The most popular use for AI is in the editing field, since Large Language Models like ChatGPT can parse large blocks of text and point out errors that can quickly be corrected. Many creators are also using AI to generate images and videos without having to hire someone for the task, and creating captions has also become considerably easier thanks to the abundance of countless AI tools that creators are already signing up for.

Video editing is yet another area where AI is coming in clutch. With popular platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro incorporating AI into its video editing software, creators can now clip entire scenes from their videos and remove objects with AI. This is vastly easier than trying to do it themselves, and there are plenty of platforms that allow creators to take advantage of AI in such a manner.

As for image generation, DALL-E and Midjourney tend to be the most prevalent options. They facilitate image generation from simple text prompts, and creators can use them to add visual flair to their work. Even if the images don’t make it to the final cut, they can be used as sources of inspiration or as thumbnails that can get more eyes on the content. All in all, creators are clearly seeing a lot of value in AI during their projects.

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