Facebook Overtakes Instagram In Creator Popularity For 2023 But TikTok And YouTube Still Reign Supreme

A new report is shedding light on the top apps for 2023 in terms of creator favorites.

Today, the world of social media is bringing about advantages galore to those that understand its potential and make the most of the opportunities set out in front of them.

This new study has proven how Facebook continues to gain great popularity points and has even gone as far as surpassing Instagram as the favorite platform for creators in 2023.

The report was seen breaking down the statistics as 660 US-based creators were enrolled in the survey and it even outlined which app was giving creators the chance to make the most funds.

But the news may sound great for Meta but new data proves how it’s still not quite up to the mark to where we see YouTube and TikTok. The former and latter are still in the lead as creators can’t get enough.

So, does this mean Facebook is making a comeback? Well, actually yes. The Influencer Marketing Factory seems to be doing everything right as it featured the study that had American-based influencers that were surveyed in the month of April.

Today, it’s 17% of creators call the Facebook app their favorite and it’s above the previous status from the past where figures stood at just 14%. One leading content creator by the name of Veronica Cannady proved why it is that she calls Facebook her favorite over Instagram.

TikTok is heading the race as the most loved app of 2023 for creators but there was a point in time, nearly two years back when we saw TikTok and Instagram tie. But ever since they opted to alter their platform’s algorithm and tools for monetization, it’s been a game changer with people being skeptical about the innovation.

But the question is related to why are we witnessing a rise in the popularity of Facebook all of a sudden. A leading social media expert had her say, listing down three main reasons why the app is seeing a huge rise.

For starters, Meta brought the TikTok competitor called Reels to its Facebook application in the year 2021. This was right before the huge claim of Facebook had to do with content and engagement not being high enough as other leading social media platforms. Moreover, with Reels, there are quite a few videos that entail plenty of traction.

Secondly, the app provides creators with an array of monetization tools. As per the platform, quite a few other people began to roll out features for monetization with Facebook being no exception.

Today, Meta has made sure the app has a range of tools for money-making so creators can share in making money through ads related to short and long-form content. This also has to do with subscriptions and payments for engaging with posts on the app.

Lastly, creators are really enabling diversification of their target audiences and various content across several platforms. And that entails Facebook too. Plenty of young generations are on the rise in terms of making great content. And they were not too active in the past as they managed to create their own audience. These people turn to the app today to create their own audience and ensure back-up plans are in place including a possible ban on TikTok.

TikTok and YouTube still lead because this is where creators can make the most money and with good income options on offer, it’s hard to say no. And that’s exactly why creators are skipping Instagram and resorting to Facebook because that’s where they can make more funds.

Take a look at the infographic below for more insights on 2023's creator economy.

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