Combatting Deep Fake Images Is One Of Google’s Latest Priorities As It Unveils New Tool To Limit Misinformation

Google’s I/O developer conference is done and dusted but the high-profile event in the tech world certainly brought forward plenty of the company’s plans in the limelight.

For starters, the Android maker says it’s putting out new efforts to combat Deep Fake images. And for that, it has launched a new tool called About This Image that can really go a long way. Think along the lines of adding labels to pictures that are created with the sole intention of fooling individuals and spreading misinformation.

The news was a part of the company’s new blog post that mentioned how such a tool will feature several things related to pictures found in its Search. Firstly, it’s going to provide information regarding the whereabouts of the picture that Google was the first to index. Then, it would indicate the image’s online location. And lastly, it’s going to display where it popped up across other media sources like news pages, social media apps, and even sites designed for fact-checking purposes.

Using such information from the background, the company hopes to give its users a great outlook in terms of which images are reliable and whether or not they need to take a second glance. For instance, the About This Image tool would allow people to witness which news articles were pointing at the image showcasing a moon landing that was produced through AI technology.

The search engine giant adds that when it would be keen on launching a number of its own art creators from the AI world, it hopes this new tool would have its own markup so that in instances when it pops up across other websites, the feature would launch in the US during the later part of summer.

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