Twitter Adds New Label And Limits Visibility Of Tweets Violating Its Hateful Conduct Policy

Twitter is on a new mission involving the crackdown against hateful content across its platform.

The app has announced a series of steps that it hopes to implement in its desire to limit the visibility of hateful tweets and ensure people are informed. This includes the addition of labels to such content that it thinks is going against its hate policy.

Furthermore, it says such decisions are designed to make such content harder to locate on the app or have restricted visibility. It also hopes such labels are designed to make the actions clearer.

The new set of labels will pop up against tweets violating the app’s Hateful Conduct Policy as per a recent blog post put out by the firm. And by restricting such reach, which it also dubbed visibility filtering, it is giving rise to huge enforcement actions so the app can go beyond the binary instead of the usual take-down method of moderating content.

The platform mentioned how this was very similar to other leading social media apps and with the new rules in place, it would be more transparent. The latter is something that the app feels it has really struggled with over time and hence is now working hard to fix it.

Such labels only get implemented at the tweet level and hence will not affect any user’s account, Twitter added in its latest tweet. For now, users that are curious about the new endeavor may glance over a few examples set out regarding what these labels appear like in pictures of the app.

In situations where you think Twitter is not limiting the tweet appropriately, users are given the chance to add their own feedback and criticism to the label. Later on, we are also hearing more about the firm allowing users to appeal against the app’s decision. Similarly, the company vows it won’t be running any ads against such labeled content.

The app is expected to offer an expansion of these labels to other policy areas too where it feels they’re applicable in the next few months. But for that, we need to wait and watch to see if they’re added to real hate content or tweets that are good to go and targeted for no reason.

No one wants a repeat of what Twitter did to rival firm Substack after its launch of Notes, which was a similar endeavor to Twitter’s own notes feature. They even failed to provide the right explanation for that too.

But if we actually come to think of it, this new endeavor is not a huge surprise by any means. Twitter’s new chief Elon Musk vowed in November of last year that all hate content would be demonetized and deboosted on the app. And then in December of last year, he spoke about allowing users to know about a feature that tells people if they’ve been shadowbanned or not.

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