Apple Will Soon Allow Users To Sideload Apps On iPhones For The First Time

Tech giant Apple is known for keeping its iPhone’s app distribution system very near and dear to its heart. And by that, we mean putting up walled gates to its garden so users can only turn to the App Store for downloads.

Now, however, things might finally be changing. The company could be adding an exception to the norm so users with iPhone devices could sideload apps sooner than later.

The news comes to us thanks to a recently published report from Bloomberg that noted how the firm based in Cupertino could assist in creating the necessary groundwork to allow for such functionalities as iOS 17. Meanwhile, Mark Gurman recently published through his newsletter how the tech giant is actually busy overhauling its current software so it could embark on sideloading.

Therefore, we may really witness a new announcement soon related to this during the upcoming WWDC conference that is scheduled for the summer this year.

In the past year, we saw another report get published by Bloomberg that spoke about Apple’s latest approach in the world of sideloading apps, thanks to the change set out in the European Union.

2024 is the year for a major change in the tech work for Europe as it’s when the Digital Market Act comes into existence and that would force leading tech firms to enable alternative app stores on their respective platforms, whether they like it or not.

This way, developers are going to be given the chance to avail of different options in terms of app distribution. Similarly, users would be given the opportunity of app installations through various sources.

For now, it’s just not too clear if the tech giant is making a place for the sideloading initiative for iOS 17 or if the firm is putting out changes just for its operating system so it allows for the possibility to pop up at some point down the line. For now, the firm is yet to pass out a comment regarding this story.

Historically, we’ve seen so many executives from Apple including the likes of Tim Cook and Craig Federighi put out strong opposition against sideloading and how it was not being allowed due to some major privacy and security reasons involved.

The latest report from Bloomberg mentioned how Apple would be putting out new updates for its iOS, tvOS, and macOS. These are some leading operating systems that would give out updates with time, and we’re also expecting a new design overhaul for the company’s watchOS.

As expected, there will be all eyes on the leading iPhone-making company as this is the year when Apple is rumored to finally unveil its much anticipated first XR headset. So many developers would be focusing on this launch. Other than that, we’re hearing news about the firm releasing new operating systems with an innovative kit for software development too. The latter is designed to assist developers and give them the materials they need to produce the right apps for the respective headset in question.

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