Elon Musk Claims US Government Officials Had Complete Access To Twitter Including Private DMs

Elon Musk is making some striking allegations against the US Government and that includes how officials had full access to everything on the app. This entails the private DMs of all platform users.

The tech billionaire who purchased Twitter in 2022 for a whopping $44 billion made the shocking announcement as per a new teaser post that was recently put up by Tucker Carlson.

With such striking news at stake, people are bound to become anxious about the clip and would love to see the complete interview with the new Twitter chief. This is scheduled to be aired by Monday on Fox News.

After this, there would be plenty of follow-up queries that Carlson had the opportunity to ask and that is what is making viewers curious.

Musk’s bold and blunt words are a huge eye-opener for obvious reasons. He reiterates how plenty of government agencies had complete access to all things on the platform and it’s mind-blowing to think that no data on the app was out of reach. He similarly confirms that no, he was not aware of it.

The clip can be found on Twitter and when asked about whether or not users’ private chats and DMs were included, he says yes with a firm nod.

It’s true that this clip is just too short to leave a judgment but at the same time, if we assume Musk’s characterization is correct, we are yet to have any replies to some logical queries that come to mind after this.

For starters, is the tech billionaire referring to the access of the government that came through a court order? If yes, it’s the same routine for agencies such as the FBI which are likely to get access to such statistics and information that tech firms withhold.

Secondly, if the government’s access to such private matters is ever more nefarious than things getting handed down via court orders, how does this work? Did the firm just simply monitor people’s texts? If yes, which mechanism did it make use of to attain such surveillance?

So does this really mean tech millionaires and all others on the app have full access to DMs on the app too? And if not, are there any protections put into place that protect users’ privacy and prevent the company’s employees from snooping around in DMs?

Lastly, you can’t help but wonder if Elon Musk hopes to give encryption for DMs and that’s something he has referred to for a long time but never ended up moving forward with.

When you come to think of it, these queries are not idle, especially when the billionaire has been involved. Moreover, you’ve got two American senators that mentioned to Elon Musk’s Tesla that information was necessary regarding customer privacy. It could or could not get protected. And as things do turn out, the employees at Tesla were believed to be engaged in sharing all types of videos.

These were not intended to be viewed beyond the firm’s own engineering workforce under some strict rules.

Hence, the only way we’re going to be getting the responses for these types of questions is when we sit down and watch the nail-biting episode that is set to be aired tonight on Fox News.

You can’t help but imagine what else Elon Musk wants the world to know. And if these are some simple queries that aren’t receiving answers then it’s going to turn out to be a huge time-wasting experience.

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