Google In Panic Mode As Samsung Opts To Make Bing Search Its Default Search Engine In All Galaxy Devices

The world of AI is now entering into smartphone technology as Google was recently left stunned after seeing a decision put forward by Samsung.

The South Korean tech giant has opted to make Bing Search its default search engine across all Galaxy devices. This is not a decision that anyone saw coming, especially the Android maker.

The news comes as the race to incorporate the mega capabilities of AI on web search picks up the pace. And we all know how Google is doing everything in its power to compete against OpenAI’s Chat-GPT technology. The latter has provided immense success to Bing Search by Microsoft as it is. But the fact that it's coming to both phones and tablets in Samsung Galaxy is huge news.

As expected, Google is now under immense pressure and is reportedly scrambling to put ahead and upgrade its current search engine with more AI features. This endeavor will be called Project Magi and is going to uncover a personalized experience that what’s on offer currently.

At the moment, Google has nearly 160 designers, executives, and expert engineers working on this endeavor. And last week, we saw the tech giant send invitations to staff members to come forward and test it out.

The launch date is rumored to be May of this year and that seems to be the same timeframe for the company’s I/O exhibit. Moreover, this launch is really going to launch Magi with a small number of features with more expected to arise in the Fall of 2023.

But why is there such an urge by Samsung to replace Google with its rival Bing on all phones and tablets? Well, there seem to be some strong negotiations taking place with Microsoft and the South Korean giant related to the matter. And Google is believed to have only recently found out about the mega switch that could really adversely affect its company.

Meanwhile, a new report by The New York Times elaborated on how Google strongly feels that Samsung’s choice of Microsoft Bing as the default search engine has to do with the great AI capability on offer. This has put the firm in a mode of panic.

This is exactly why the leading tech firm is working long and hard to add Magi AI to the company’s search engine and put out a strong rival of its own to Samsung, hoping for perhaps a counter-pitch and change in decision.

The chances of Samsung skipping out on Microsoft’s Bing and replacing that with Google are still there but it all depends on what Google brings to the table and if it’s good enough in terms of pricing and capabilities.

The launch of Google’s Magi will solely take place in America at the start and will cater to just about one million users in the country. But plans for expansion to 30 million people are expected soon.

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