"The State of Influencer Earning" revealed the average cost of per post made by creators

If we look back to the 1970’s and 1980’s generation, people were not given many options or resources to supplement their wages; instead, they were helpless and had to work 9 to 5 jobs every day. But since the internet era began, individuals have discovered easier ways to pay for their daily needs. In addition to providing people with a variety of income-generating options, technology and the internet also have the potential to be highly powerful marketing tools, particularly when it comes to social media. These several platforms have been proven extremely beneficial in the history of mankind to the youth especially in those days of pandemic where many people suffered due to unemployment. During that time, platforms like TikTok and Instagram were all over the place, and influencers took use of this to acquire a lot of attention.

Have you ever wondered, though, what it is about these platforms’ payment offering that have compelled users to make social media their primary workspace? That is why; a company by the name of IZEA released a research titled "The State of Influencer Earning". The primary objectives of this report's production were to raise people's awareness of the ways in which platforms are providing incomes to several marketers, brands, and content producers, persuade them to pay these creators as what they are deserve, and might even help content creators in many ways as well.

Before delving into the study's findings, it is important to be aware that numerous charts were included to illustrate various sources of income, including "cost per post by platform" and "cost of posts made on more than one platform," as well as the total amount of money earned by influencers of various sizes.

According to this report, an average income per post made by a creator on “Twitch” is of $4,373, making it on the top of the list. However, it was seen that those platform that serves more video-based content, their costs were relatively higher than other ones that makes Insta story ($2,784), TikTok ($2,741) and YouTube ($2,102) just below Twitch. Considering that Twitter prioritizes posts more than videos, it was found a place lower to Youtube as its total income was $1,643, followed by Pinterest, Instagramphoto and Facebook with the costs of $1,450, $1,311 and $642, respectively.

It should come as no surprise that content creators often make 3.9 times as much per post when they publish multiplatform video content, that is what our second graph is about. While combinations such as "Instagram Story + YouTube" ($12,007) and "IG story + TikTok" ($6,444) were fortunate enough to claim the top two spots, there were some of them too that did not provided much income. These included "Facebook + IG Story + IG Photo", "Facebook + IG Photo", "IG Story + IG Photo", and "Blog + Facebook"; bearing in mind that their respective total earnings were $3,737, $3,101, $2,784 and $1,735.

It was also noted in the study that although creators with smaller audiences seemed to see less YoY reductions in their revenue, those with large followings eventually saw precipitous declines in their income.

Starting off with Nano ones which are based on only 1k to 10k followers, their actual growth started in 2017 even though the report is made from 2015-2022. Their income per post jumped over 165 dollars from 2016. While Nanos did not see any great progress in 2019 and 2020, their earnings did strike higher over the period of 2021 to 2022 as previous year’s costs are $1,105.

Moving on, Micro influencers are those who consist of 10,000-49,999 audiences. They appeared to get 15.4 times more earnings in 2022 as they use to get in 2015. Luckily, micros are not yet to see any declines, as evidenced by their total income of $1,674 as of 2022.

“Mid-tier”, the one report seems to be given the followers of 50 thousand to 100k, and these accounts have been experiencing a discernible increase as the year progresses. From when they started with only $481 in 2015, they have gotten all the way to $3,396 in the year 2022.
Further more in to the report, Macro, which is just one spot above Mid-tier, has appeared to witness a decline of $982 in 2020. They also came very near to declining in 2022, but thankfully it instead roared from $5,043 in 2021 to $4,992 in 2022.

It could be clearly seen in the chart (featured below) that “Mega” and “Web Celebrity” witnessed a down strike in their earnings. Where Mega only saw that in the time period of 2020 ($4,259) and 2022 ($5,497), on the other hand, Web Celebrity’s incomes seem to be dramatically decreased in these three years, 2017, 2021 and 2022. It was even observed that when this largest size of influencers appeared to be improving in the year 2020, they subsequently took a gloomy turn once more.

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