Future Trends In The World Of Social Media: 2023 May Not Be TikTok’s Year After All

A new study conducted by Socialinsider is glancing over the future trends in social media as 2023 gets well underway.

2022 was definitely a year devoted to TikTok as the leading social media platform shone above all. But this year, that may not be the case. And it’s all thanks to new statistics from reports covering social media benchmarks in the industry.

More than 190 million posts arising from various platforms were put into perspective to better determine the trends on the app. This includes the rate of engagement for every platform and more.

For starters, let’s dive into the key insights that this report found. On average, TikTok’s engagement rate for this year was 4.2%, and it continues to decline year after year. For 2023, the decline got up to 28%.

Then we saw Instagram also observed a decline but the rate was 0.6% and it continues to fall as we speak. But it’s all thanks to Reels that stand for the best types of content on the app, producing nearly double the engagement for various other formats.

Then when we look at apps like Facebook, the average engagement rate is nearly 0.15%. And it was proven how the average engagement lines for a number of top social media platforms including foods and beverages as well as arts and crafts. The first two are more for TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram while the latter is for Twitter.

Coming to social media benchmarks, it’s proven that some brands are definitely having an easier time than all others in terms of communication. A lot of audiences are responsive and engaging regarding which type of business industry may be involved.

And to better realize which kind of social media app can benefit your brand, you need some sort of benchmark to determine the type of engagement rates on offer through various channels and with different types of data within the industry.

But looking at the past, we saw the TikTok app really grow big time in terms of popularity so it’s not a huge surprise that when you narrow it down in terms of engagement, TikTok has the advantage with numbers. So that’s when people start to experiment with various kinds of content through the app.

For now, TikTok is definitely the most engaging app of them all on social media. Next in line is Instagram and that has really put up with such a huge drop after the engagement. And then it would be Facebook.

In the last position, it would be Twitter where the engagement rate stands at 0.05%. So as you can see, if brands really do wish to make it big, they need to put in a little more effort in terms of strategy so a more engaging vertical can come into place and people can better manage expectations to attain those results.

When you look at the picture overall, you’ll see how the social media landscape is really changing with time. And that might be due to a particular reason. Today, it’s all about a dynamic picture where a number of changes are taking place and this industry is facing hard hits.

As far as the most popular type of content is concerned, it’s definitely short videos that are reigning supreme. And that might be linked to how enticing Reels are on both TikTok and Instagram. Those that introduced the decision to convert videos longer than 15 minutes to Reels are now reaping the benefits.

Yet, the TikTok app still stood last in terms of engagement.

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