Instagram Is The Most Profitable Platform For Sponsored Posts, Confirm Creators In New Study

The world of social media is booming and creators and influencers are resorting to various platforms to make money. After all, with such lucrative offers up for grabs, why wouldn’t creators make the most of the long list of opportunities?

With that being said, it can be hard to decide which app is leading in terms of its deals and brand partnerships. And that’s exactly where this new study comes into play.

The report comes to us thanks to a top social media management platform called Later. It proved how creators look at Instagram as the most profitable app of them all, thanks to the great many brand partnership deals it provides.

Today, more and more creators are getting paid for sponsored content through the app than all other platforms and the figures are not small. The rates are high and creators can’t get enough.

We do agree that other studies are providing how TikTok is also booming in terms of its influencer marketing endeavors but it’s nothing like this app. Today, Instagram is at the head of the game thanks to a great many chances for brand collaborations.

TikTok is winning in terms of the starting stage of users growing their platforms and getting the attention they need regarding online content. But in terms of monetization, you’re definitely going to say hello to the likes of Instagram.

The research was conducted at the end of last year when the survey took on board 500 different global creators that work with Later and another platform for influencers called Mavrck. They also similarly took into consideration around 31,000 different social media posts.

This made way for a pool where tons of creators provided responses to the survey and most of them happened to arise from the female gender and millennial age group of the US population. Nearly half of them were white while 74% of those pooled worked as part-time content creators.

For starters, Instagram was clicked as the most popular platform for monetization among creators. These felt that posts on the app and Reels were two main ways through which they got paid, and after that, they felt it was posted on TikTok that were lucrative.

The shares for paid content on apps were also outlined where the top spot went to Instagram posts where 84% were paid, followed by Instagram Reels where 63% were paid. And then 27% were paid for TikTok Posts and 26% were paid for Facebook posts. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest were toward the bottom of the list with just 7 to 8% receiving payments for their posts on these platforms.

As far as the format through which creators made the most money is concerned, it was definitely Reels. And TikTok did win the race in terms of short-form content, but it was Reels that really turned out to be the most profitable endeavor of them all.
Nearly 44% of creators spoke about earning $200 for each reel they produced as compared to 28% earning a similar figure of money on TikTok. And then we had some speaking about earning a staggering $7000 for sponsored content in the form of reels.

Those creators who wished to make long-term deals with brands made the majority of the list as compared to those wanting to work for a single-time purpose only. Others felt the urge to connect with the values of the brand and not just take in money. And that was great to see as experts feel it’s so necessary for today’s time to get this point across.

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