Data shows the correlation between GDP per capita and world happiness

"Money cannot buy you happiness" or "Money is not everything" is the popular term that we have all grown up hearing. Some people believe that is true while some on the other hand, are against it. In order to find out whether this statement is true or false, Statista published a chart which revealed all of it.

The chart was based on the world happiness report that was released on 20 March, while focusing on the GDP per capita (gross domestic product) of the country. They both were combined in the chart to ascertain how a higher GDP affects the nation's happiness level. As a matter of fact, a country's happiness score depends on a variety of factors, including a healthy life expectancy, freedom, and corruption.

The GDPs are shown on the y-axis of the graph, while the total happiness points are presented on the x-axis. This graph from Statista demonstrated that Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita (128,000) and a total happiness point of 7.6. Despite the fact that Finland is without a doubt the happiest nation in the world, yet its GDP is just 50,000, which is quite low.

Moreover, Afghanistan’s GDP has appeared to be relatively low thus making the happiness index point below 2. The true question, though, is why Afghanistan is one of the world's least contented nations. Well, there are many difficulties this country has faced, like poverty, war, economic policies, etc., which contributed to this terrible outcome. In addition, considering that Hong Kong and the United States only have 5.31 and 6.97 happiness points, respectively, their GDPs are 49,000 and 75,000.

To crown it all, the question has still remained unanswered considering that even while several nations have demonstrably shown this to be untrue; there are still some of them that, despite having high GDPs, are unable to achieve what is known as "life satisfaction".

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