Samsung Galaxy Phones Can’t Ditch Google Search For Microsoft Bing After All

It was just days ago when he heard about Samsung Galaxy devices ditching Google as the default search engine.

This meant saying hello to Bing Search as the new and exciting search engine on both Galaxy phones and tabs, taking tech giant Google by surprise and forcing it to enter into panic mode.

Now, we’re hearing more news about how the story published this past week in The New York Times was not exactly the truth.

The reality of the matter is that you cannot say bye to Google completely, even though we did see how the announcement caused Google’s stocks to plunge 2.5%. So now, a new reporter from the derStandard website put up an announcement on Twitter to mention how that’s not possible, especially when it comes down to markets seen across the US.

He pointed out that all companies that wish to make deals with phones from Android with the tech giant’s services need to abide by their Mobile App Distribution Agreement. This document has so many phone companies that wish to get Google Play Store downloaded through devices so Google Search is the search engine of preference for all.

There are some exceptions like the European market and that is seen in India because they act quite differently. Such devices from Android have search engine screens that are needed by a few regulatory bodies. But this still means so many firms cannot get away with the Google Search feature as a whole.

So either South Korean tech giant Samsung ends up completely getting rid of Google’s services in future variants of Android phones to attain Bing as the default search engine, which is definitely very unlikely. But another option is that the New York Times feature had a major error.

We might soon see Samsung putting pressure against Google but the threat of jumping from one search engine to the next isn’t going to be a part of this ordeal.

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