Netflix Announces Summer Deadline For Password Sharing As It Rolls Out Its Paid Sharing Program

One of the greatest benefits of Netflix that many of us have been making use of since day is password sharing.

The concept of one person paying all while so many others benefit was just so comforting but it seems that all good things must come to an end. And Netflix feels it’s about time.

The popular streaming media giant says it’s not shocking to unveil the news as it was announced a long time back. And now, the deadline is just a few months away, summer to be exact.

The company is cracking down against password sharing and it’s already begun a long series of efforts to stop password sharing as a whole. Canada and the US are where we saw this occur first but plans for mass expansion are on the rise too.

And despite the great amount of client backlash it is facing, it confirmed today how it's launching its paid sharing initiative to the US, which happens to already be running live in Canada. So by Q2, we should be seeing it go live in the States as well.

The news comes as the company just sent out a letter to its respective shareholders in Q1 where it spoke about the massive rollout of paid sharing going live to other markets around the world. This is expected to be up and running by Q2, it explained.

The top streaming giant firm is not shy about the move and knows well that this should have been a decision taken a long time back. But it added how the goal is to enhance the user experience so it’s taking some sweet and precious time to ensure everything is going as per plan.

Many of us would assume that the decision could force subscribers to take a step back from the decision of continuing with the service. But that’s far from the case. People are far from canceling accounts and are not expecting the app to reconsider the move.

Shockingly, the company recently stated how it has not affected the business in a negative way. In fact, it has actually helped its business grow further in places like Canada ever since the decision was taken to implement the new change.

Similarly, the company mentioned how it’s benefiting from better growth in revenue and that’s going above the rate seen in the US. Hence, why would Netflix even begin to reconsider the decision?

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