Instagram Now Allows Users To Add Up To Five Links In Their Profile Bio

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular social media platforms and now, it’s giving users even more reasons to fall in love with it.

The company just launched another new feature to its already long list of cutting–edge endeavors. Remember, the app is a giant hub for content creators who have really earned a lot of money through posts, especially Reels.

From brands to celebs, you’ll find the world coexisting as one big family on the app. And to ensure you get the right kind of coverage and engagement for your other projects, Instagram allows its users to update their profile bios with links too. But in the past, this came with its fair share of restrictions.

If you needed to add more, you’d be required to make use of third-party services like Linktree to add more. But with the new rollout feature, that would no longer be the case.

Say goodbye to third-party features and say hello to Mark Zuckerberg spreading smiles by allowing users to add up to five different links in their profile bio.

The Meta CEO mentioned the news today and he feels this is going to be a great addition for experts in the social media industry and bloggers too. This is especially true for those having huge portfolios with dozens of web pages or other accounts on different social media apps. And we agree that the news is not life-changing for those that already make use of third-party services for this reason, the rest are going to love it.

The news went public through Zuckerberg’s official account on the app and he claims it’s one of the most requested features of them all. Thanks to the new offering, users can include link titles and organize them as per their interests.

When a person wishes to include links on their profiles, they only need to press on the message called ‘the first link on your profile’ and 1 more. This gives them the chance to open up several links and in this way, users can click on one to get it opened.

As mentioned before, users were using just the feature called ‘link in bio’ like Linktree. So in summary, the new offering may not amuse everyone but it’s definitely a welcoming addition.

The best bit being is how Instagram is offering the feature itself so no need to resort to or pay extra to third parties for the same service. We see this launch attracting a lot more people from different apps on social media. Similarly, we could see it adding paid verification, just like how Twitter is functioning right now.

But in reality, we’re not sure if users would be too open to the paid subscription feature when they’ve been getting the same for free for so many years. Let’s not worry about the future now and try to make the most of the present which is this great rollout.

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