YouTube Updates Its Eating Disorder Content Policy In Bid To Provide More Guidance To Those At Risk

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube is updating its eating disorder content policy.

The company mentioned today how the decision to do so was to instill more guidance for those at risk. Similarly, it hoped to restrict access to some major eating disorders posts that were available to young viewers.

These updates stem from the fact that the app has laid down a framework regarding content that it feels is dangerous or harmful. Moreover, it is seen as providing greater guidance for those involved in the eating disorder content. And that it feels is an important step in giving more protection.

So many issues like mental health and eating conditions may be isolating for some viewers around the globe. Therefore, the app realizes it plays a critical role in providing more awareness and even has a great understanding of differnet perspectives. They really do wish to make creators more powerful so they can go on sharing stories.

The app claims to be working hard with experts in the health industry including those dealing with patients of anorexia among other leading health conditions. The goal is to create the right framework that goes above and beyond its community guidelines in this regard.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be seeing the app set out a new array of restrictions on video content that shows such behavior and that it feels could be a huge risk in terms of others imitating the ordeal.

This may entail content that shows or describes eating conditions that are disordered like vomiting after taking in a meal or adding a restriction to calories. Similarly, bullying someone on the basis of their weight is not acceptable and is deemed to be included in the eating disorder category.
In the same way, the platform wants to implement greater age restrictions on some content regarding eating disorders. This would have clips where creators add details to such disorderly habits that they are engaged in. Furthermore, the app is providing an expansion to the current resource panels that pop up on content linked to eating disorders.

The company has similarly partnered up with NEDA to produce more content that raises awareness toward eating disorders and their associated risks. It is right now busy working with medical experts so it can expand more health products for the future.

When you come to think of it, these are some great updates that build the app’s presence online in terms of establishing the right protocols surrounding such content. And it’s a major area that other social media apps need to discuss.

Today, so many studies prove how 90% of teenagers are making use of social media to gain more information regarding their health. So such actions are deemed critical as people depend on the apps for such a pivotal component of their life.

We’re just glad that a platform like YouTube is taking health so seriously because it’s about time.

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