New Warning Issued By Google CEO Against AI Technology And The Adverse Effects It Will Have On Society

The CEO of Google and Alphabet has plenty to say about AI technology and the great changes it will bring to society.

He detailed the insights during his recent sit-down interview where he asked the world to brace for the adverse impacts in store thanks to the launch of AI-related products in the market. During the CBS interview ‘60 Minutes’, Sundar Pichai says if it hasn’t struck a strong chord in your mind about how our lives are going to change forever, then it’s time to wake up.

For that, society should prepare and learn to adapt to the mega changes taking place as they’re not going anywhere. This has to do with how human-like the phenomenon of AI is already and how it’s only going to get better with time.

He similarly agreed how jobs bound to get affected in this ordeal include writers, architects, software engineers, accountants, and so many others.

The news comes as Google launched its chatbot dubbed Bard recently and said it had some powerful human-like capabilities. There are so many knowledge workers out there today and so many firms who would feel the pressure of this impact.

The CEO of the leading search engine giant says that it would soon be a norm to see an AI-powered collaborator working in every field.
The interviewer then asked the CEO about a range of other AI products from Google such as DeepMind. The latter is the name given to robots who indulge in sports like soccer. They learn it all themselves as compared to getting training in human form. Meanwhile, another unit displayed robots that could identify products on shelves and then they fetched those commanded by the speaker.

As Pichai reiterated the consequences of adopting AI technology, he dived deep into a huge problem this technology brings forward and that happens to be disinformation, fake pictures, and news too. It would add to the already huge problem at stake and cause nothing but harm.

In the past month, we heard reports from CNBC adding how the Google CEO felt the success of Bard was all dependent on public testing while repeating how things would go wrong. This was right after Google felt the pressure to enter the AI race after watching fellow industry competitor and computational giant Microsoft make its way with the success of Bing Search, which is powered using GPT-4 technology.

Photo: WEF/YT

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