Is AI Really A Threat To Job Availability In The US? This New Study Says It All

A recently conducted poll by YouGov is shedding light on whether or not Americans feel threatened by the growing presence of AI technology.

Today, chatbots are doing everything. From marketing and writing to producing graphics too. It’s no wonder why many people including freelancers are feeling threatened that their livelihoods could be at stake as technology has no plans of slowing down.

Thanks to this poll, Americans were questioned about their thoughts on the effect of AI on jobs. Would it show a rise or a decline, or simply have no effect on the availability of jobs in the country.

A total of 20 different occupations were questioned and AI was proven to show a decline in job availability. So while it might seem to be a helpful endeavor, the drawbacks are there. Moreover, most respondents generally feel that this type of revolution in technology is going to cause jobs to fall in sectors like manufacturing, retail sales, and even customer service.

AI might cause a rise in the number of jobs seen across the computer programming industry, and the same goes for engineering and data science. But the general consensus is that even in such fields, AI is more likely to remove jobs than add them.

As far as how much AI advances could affect the industry they’re currently inside is concerned, Americans were definitely divided here. But as a whole, the overall feeling was more downbeat instead of upbeat.

A lot of people say it would cause a decline in jobs instead of increasing it. But a huge share of people felt the effect would be nullified. It’s the younger lot and those with postgraduate degrees who are more likely than others to see a rise in jobs in this line.

Those claiming to make use of AI tools at work frequently are more liable than others to mention that AI would benefit them and cause a rise in jobs in the industry.

Americans claim this is like a two-way sword. You’ve got some great points and some not-so-great ones supporting the advancement of AI on the subject of job availability.

A lot of people feel AI would increase productivity, innovation, as well as the number of routine tasks being conducted. On the other hand, they feel that AI would decrease the satisfaction of workers and consumers. Americans also see AI decreasing costs related to operations.

Americans making use of these AI tools feel workplaces should include AI and watch the benefits unfold. While those not using them are more skeptical. Both citizens that work full-time and part-time say AI needs to be regulated to keep a check on what’s being done.

Sectors like education are less fearful of technology replacing them but graphic designers on the other hand are more worried, which does make sense.

The poll went on to mention if Americans were worried about AI causing the human race to end. And the results showed how 27% were somewhat concerned and 23% weren’t concerned. 19% were very concerned and 17% weren’t concerned at all. 13% stated they were not sure.

Lastly, an extended poll by YouGov America asked respondents how they felt about AI being more intelligent than people. And a whopping majority felt that it could very much happen as they voted for somewhat likely.

27% feared this would be the end consequence and similarly expressed great worry and concern. 15% were not sure about the matter while 14% stated it was not very likely that this would happen.

Interestingly 9% of respondents felt it was out of the question while 6% claimed it has already happened.

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