Microsoft Is Testing The Ability To Remove Certain Optional Features For Edge That Could Improve Speed And Performance

Software giant Microsoft has been known for adding an array of exciting features to its Edge browser, ever since it underwent a relaunch in the year 2019.

The browser entails a long list of security tools, shopping features, and search-related add-ons for users to use while browsing online. For instance, the software giant says it’s working toward its crypto and NFT wallet too.

These are usually known as bloat as they are considered to be unnecessary and could end up dampening the speed of the world-famous browser.

During the most recent variant of the Microsoft Edge Canary, there happens to be a section that enables users to include and remove a few features that it deems to be optional. Meanwhile, a GIF was also shared by Leopeva64 in this regard that put display the chance to get rid of the ‘cite’ feature that assists users in citing their data.

For now, it’s not quite clear how much of this particular bloat would be removable in the upcoming future. But this section refers to some optional endeavors so it looks quite unlikely that anything that this software giant does is deemed to be a leading part of its Edge experience that can be removed.

Let’s not forget how one individual’s bloat would soon turn into another one’s favorite feature. Remember, flexibility is truly welcomed in this regard, and putting off such features is going to enhance the browser’s speed for sure, as per Microsoft.

The section during which users will be given the chance to include and remove features states how users are going to be allowed to add or delete any features with the new Microsoft Edge.

So that means giving users the chance to switch off the browser’s features so it turns into the swiftest browsing experience available to them today. But please note that features that might be switched off are going to still be up for grabs to the user but would only be enabled after a small download takes place.

The chance to include and remove such optional endeavors is now a part of the overall controlled launch of Microsoft. Therefore, that means you might not see this right now, even for those with the latest variant of Edge Canary.

As you know, the tech giant likes to first carry out trials with a small subset of users online.

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