Twitter Is Making An Array Of Interesting Changes To Its App Including An Expansion Of Community Notes and Encrypted DMs

With Elon Musk in charge of the Twitter app, we’re not too surprised that the platform is working on a series of changes.

The company recently announced the decision to expand its Community Notes endeavor. This means allowing users to glance notes across Tweets that are found inside articles and also seen across websites located outside of the platform.

This particular update is designed to provide some more context and accurate details for readers whenever they come across Tweets.

Moreover, such a Community Notes offering is also designed for users to come together and include some helpful content to the Tweets that some might deem to be a little misleading.

Contributors that are quite regular on the app end up writing and rating such notes across Tweets with an effective system that relies upon the participation of users across a diverse range.

Seeing the notes feature work outside of Twitter is unique and exciting news and that means both your articles and webpages would now feature them, the app mentioned in its recent blog post.

This way, people would be attaining more context whenever they read tweets. And remember, the news arises as many Twitter fans demanded this through suggestions for the platform. Hence, seeing the company pay heed to it is really some great news as Musk had commented on one user’s post as a ‘good idea’.

But remember, to make sure such notes are helpful for a wide range of audience members, it won’t be operating on a major set of rules. They would entail an agreement among contributors that may have disagreed in the past with ratings, putting an end to opinions from one side taking charge.

The app hopes that such ordeals would make users stay more informed as they wish to provide more users with the chance to express their voice and make better decisions that are fair and based on accurate judgments.

Twitter has always been committed to transparency and that’s all of the Notes are set out daily with the ranking algorithm being open for anyone and everyone that wishes to inspect it further. This way, it allows users to understand how a feature works and how it shapes up activities throughout the development process.

In other news, the app has set out a reminder to its platform users about how it would be taking a 10% cut from content subscriptions after a year’s time.

The update was shared by Elon Musk on Friday who explained how the app is on a mission to diversify its sources of revenue. And by monetizing content, he hopes Twitter can do just that. Therefore, a cut of 10% would be slashed from the user’s profits.

He similarly shed light on the company’s plans of providing those with subscriptions the chance to add more text to tweets and also set out longer duration video content on the platform too.

Similarly, in another tweet, Musk announced that, starting from next month, Twitter "will allow media publishers to charge users on a per article basis with one click." Adding further, "This enables users who would not sign up for a monthly subscription to pay a higher per article price for when they want to read an occasional article."

Elon Musk has been on a mission to really bring up the company’s revenue after a huge drop in advertising revenue since last year October, which is when the world’s second richest person purchased the app for a striking $44 billion.

He similarly added how the firm’s cut from iOS and Android platforms would drop from 30% in the first year to 15% in the second.

Musk, also tweeted about a major software upgrade this week, which includes, "Encrypted DMs & other DM upgrades" for Twitter users.

Lastly, we’re seeing more news on how the company is trying to make way for new measures that prevent underage users from recording on Twitter Spaces.

The news was first set out by mobile developer and social media enthusiast Alessandro Paluzzi on his Twitter account but we’ll keep you updated more on this front as it becomes public by Twitter itself.

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