Global Smartphone Shipments Fell 13% In Q1 Of 2023 But Apple Was The Only Brand To Resist The Trend, Claims New Market Intelligence Data

The results for global market shipments of smartphones in Q1 of 2023 are out and we’re seeing some interesting findings.

Think along the lines of a general worldwide decline in mobile shipments but we’re not too surprised as this is the fifth quarter that we’re seeing the industry enter into a decline. But what is so interesting is how the only tech giant that was able to resist the downward trend was leading iPhone maker Apple.

The Cupertino firm’s shipments grew by a whopping 3% while its fellow competitors witnessed declines ranging between 8% to 22%.

The data was set out by Canalys in two separate groups and it chose to put out market share statistics first, followed by shipment figures closely after that. Meanwhile, the share data arising in the market was not a huge surprise as the tech giant did manage to fall back soon after the launch took place and also as sales for the holiday quarter started with the latest range of the iPhone.

Meanwhile, the only tech giant that did end up showcasing a form of recovery was South Korean electronic giant Samsung. It was seen struggling big time in terms of reaching the number of positions that it had once attained with a massive 22% share of the market in its hands.

On the other hand, the tech giant ended up dropping to second position with just a 21% share of the market. This certainly reduced the gap between Apple and Samsung, mainly thanks to a great demand for the iPhone 14 Pro Series during Q1 of 2023.

As one can imagine, the main fallback for tech giant Apple is business as per routine. This holiday quarter includes a launch of a new range of devices that gives rise to a huge boost in sales and a major fall off taking place in the quarter after that. The effects arising this year were notably much less than normal as the company still tried to catch up on its orders arising during Q1 after a series of supply limitations during Q4.

The market intelligence data also proved how the figures for shipments altered with time in terms of the global smartphone market. As the year-long setback continued to arise into its fifth quarter, there is hope for optimism as not everything appears too dark during this tunnel’s end.

The exact figure for shipment decline was 269 million units for the first quarter of 2023. And then the decline suddenly began to become more flatten. But there was an evident contrast between Q1 of last year and that of Q2 of this year.

The data added how shipment for global smartphones would be stabilizing soon as the year passes on and would soon be seeing it pick up the pace during the year’s second half as figures for channel inventories attain a healthy level again.

Overall, it was tech giant Samsung who held the top ranking for shipments comprising 60.3 million but Apple came second with 58 million.

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