Microsoft Designer Gets An Array Of Exciting Features So Users Can Design Better Posts For Social Media

Microsoft is adding a host of new and exciting features to its AI-powered tool for graphic designing called Microsoft Designer.

The computational giant says it’s working hard to ensure users get the chance to design posts on social media in a more advanced manner. This platform is soon going to be available for users directly through their Edge web browsers, it added.

The whole motive is to include some great AI-themed creative tools that assist in competing with fellow arch-rival apps for graphic designing in the industry like Canva.

Microsoft Designer was initially unveiled in October of 2022 and it had a lot of features including AI text-to-image endeavors that were similar to offerings such as Stable Diffusion.

This enabled users to produce images using text prompts and incorporate such results into so many endeavors like invites, social media posts, and greeting cards as well. So when you come to think of it, it’s a combo of DALL-E and even Adobe Express, despite having a range of huge limitations.

Now, the company is trying to publish a new version of this Designer App across its Edge Web browser. This type of feature getting built into the Edge Browser’s sidebar is going to give rise to some great things.

Users would now be allowed to work on new projects and even put them out on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter without the need to switch windows. Moreover, it won’t require any form of extensions that users would be forced to install and would similarly set out new suggestions to entail these posts as a part of your work.

Today, users of Microsoft Designers would also be given the chance to produce text using AI technology. The goal is to allow users to make selections from a new menu that shapes their copy’s angle and then they type that in the quick description of what is needed.

The app would then throw out a long list of hashtags with captions that can be used on posts across various apps. It would even recommend various text fonts and end up getting paired well with such projects.

The software giant says it’s also making it so much simpler for resizing, adding nearly 20 different layout sizes for social media apps like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Such endeavors like pictures and text would be given the chance to be shifted around through automated means so it could accommodate various layouts. And that reduces the need to mend formatting problems.

But wait, that’s not all. Users can benefit from various animation features on offer that are used to take their finished product to the next level as it enables users to put in text transitions and animated backdrops through automated means.

The software giant says in a vague manner how such features make use of AI but it failed to state if the app is producing animated features from the start. This means users would be needed to produce their own.

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