Meta’s Constant Struggles With Advertisers Due To Apple’s Privacy Changes Could Soon Be Over

For the past 18 months, we’ve been seeing Facebook’s parent firm Meta really struggle in terms of the challenges set out due to Apple’s privacy changes.

We similarly witnessed CEO Mark Zuckerberg announce boldly how the company was adversely affected by Apple’s decision to introduce its ATT policy but it was something that it had to deal with because there was no way out. The rebound was a lot to deal with financially and the losses continued to arise but with time, we saw the app’s ad performance enhance thanks to the deployment of AI-based targeting.

This means saying hello to a huge rise in revenue growth as controversial layoffs of the workforce continue to help bring down costs further. Facebook has really lost out on billions since the past year when Apple chose to allow users to opt out of ad tracking by not providing consent. And as mentioned by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the main core of the huge business is revenue through ads and when that doesn’t work out, the losses are just a lot to deal with.

We even saw the company’s CEO blame its first firing spree from November on the struggle to bounce back from the problems set forward thanks to Apple’s ATT policy. And then a few months later, we saw Meta make way for a major comeback. Top analysts in the world of advertising spoke about how things were looking great for the tech giant and it may soon be at the top of its game despite the huge setback from the previous year, thanks to Apple.

Not only were the stats for ad performance moving in a positive direction and going back to the levels seen before Apple’s shocking policy launch but the fact that Meta was using AI for the sake of ad targeting really is doing wonders.

The news comes as the tech giant takes a back seat in terms of its plans for the metaverse and instead, it focuses more on using AI to attain the most advantageous gains including its struggling advertising front. Clearly, the decision is working well in its favor as the firm’s shares witness a 131% increase since what we saw in the past five months.

It’s interesting how the news has come at a time when we’re seeing the overall advertising economy as the digital world experiences a period of winter but despite that, Meta making gains during this period are getting a warm welcome, despite firms’ budgets for advertising shrinking.

H/T: Businessinsider

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