Instagram Reels Gets An Exciting Series Of Updates For Creators And Here’s What To Expect

The banter and controversy surrounding the leading social media platform TikTok is really taking center stage but despite countries expressing concern, arch-rival Instagram is focusing on its own series of updates.

Meta confirmed today how it was launching exciting updates that are dedicated to trending audio features and even hashtags for Reels. Similarly, it’s working on unveiling more gifts on the Reels to several different nations while improving editing tools and even providing more insightful metrics among others.

The new update will allow creators to see some leading tunes on Reels and they’ll be given the chance to witness how many times such audio is used while tapping to witness it themselves or save it for later.

Meanwhile, creators are going to be given the chance to witness today’s trending topics as well as hashtags in the Reels category for the app. To gain access to such trending happenings, users would need to explore the Professional Dashboard and then click on Check Today’s Reels Trends ordeal.

From there onwards, they would be directed to the Reels Trends page where they get exposed to the latest audio and hashtags that are on the rise among creators and audiences.

The firm revealed how such new types of sections really do give creators the chance to explore and learn a lot about what’s popular in the world and ensure they stay informed at all times.

The app is really working hard in terms of expanding the access for Gifts monetization as well where creators around the globe can benefit from as it rolls out very soon. Moreover, such features would first get launched in Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, France, and then Mexico too.

So many gifts underwent testing in the past year and it gave fans the chance to give their favorite content creators support in the form of funds as virtual gifts. These presents can be bought on the app using virtual money called Stars and it can range between 10 to more than a few hundred.

Additionally, the leading social media network is opting to include new features that highlight to creators which fans of their sent out a reward for them. When they press on the heart icon linked to their list of supporters, the respective users get an alert regarding how the creator saw and acknowledged their token of appreciation for them.

Such innovative updates make it much easier for content creators to make changes for Reels across the app as it brings together all types of videos, stickers, text, and audio in one place which is the editing screen.

Meanwhile, the firm says such changes make it so much easier for content creators to line up and respectively time out Reels in the right places so it’s more visually appealing. The app claims to include more such tools that make the whole process of editing so much more convenient for creators today.

Lastly, creators would also attain greater access to insightful metrics to see how well the content is doing. This entails a new label called total watch time that captures the time played out for a reel and if any replaying was done on that particular post. Similarly, creators will attain more access to average watch times so they are well aware of how well the reel is doing by diving the total watch time with the sum of reels played.

Another similarly exciting feature is linked to more insights on how Reels are adding to the growth of the creator as they get alerts when a person begins to follow them through a reel directly.

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