Apple Eyes 2025 As Deadline To Utilize 100% Recycled Cobalt In All Its Batteries

Apple is on a new mission to go green and help promote recycling as the leading iPhone maker set out a new deadline for using 100% recycled cobalt in batteries.

But the Cupertino-based firm is not stopping there. They want the magnet disclosed in such devices to make use of all recycled elements including the rare earth metals we see in products around the globe. This means saying hello to circuit boards from Apple that utilizes 100% recycled tin soldering and 100% recycled gold plating.

The company was seen releasing a public statement on the matter and how it would make use of 100% recycled and renewable sources inside products by 2030. And in the same way, they’re pushing forward to a goal that comprises carbon-neutral goods and services by 2030. And they are really not playing games as the goals are being sought after right now with immense urgency and innovation across the industry.

In the year 2017, the company mentioned how it had major plans in place for a closed-loop type of supply chain and that is where certain goods were produced making use of renewable resources and some recycled materials.

Apple says that most materials undergo a step-by-step process to make the end product. This includes mining, manufacturing, and seeing them end up in landfills after they’re done. So they are not working to repeat old traditions that the tech giant has been called out for by leading advocates of the health and environment industry. Apple knows that it’s time for change and it’s joining hands to achieve just that.

So now, the goal is to convert older products into newer and sustainable ones by reusing the scraps.

The company is already making use of so many recycling robots that manage to do just that. It uses cutting tools that break apart old devices to uncover new and valuable materials that can really prove to be a rich asset for Apple’s products.

So the next time you think of tossing out your old iPhone, know that Apple still sees great value in its scraps and will use it for manufacturing others goods.

One incredible tool that Apple owns is Liam which cuts and dissembles older iPhone variants to reveal valuable raw materials. Meanwhile, its Daisy robot can identify separate device models and see which actions are going to be performed. And lastly, there is Taz which was unveiled in 2022. It has a shredder function that uncovers rare elements from the earth that are lost inside classic machines.

Each day, Apple is experimenting with innovation and wants to make use of technology that truly touches people’s lives in the right way by protecting the planet along the way. This is CEO Tim Cook’s ideology right now and he hopes to ensure the firm keeps a well-balanced relationship toward protecting the environment while making products that are of the need in today’s modern world.

Meanwhile, another one of Apple’s goals for 2025 is saying hello to reduced plastic consumption and eliminating plastic from Apple’s product packaging completely.

It now entails some massive fiber alternatives that include the likes of screen films, foam cushioning, and wraps. But with that being said, Apple is still not completely plastic-free. Today, around 4% of its packaging entails plastic but they’re working on getting better with time.

As Tim Cook says, Apple is working hard and will continue to move ahead of the game with the belief that technology shouldn’t only be good for mankind but for the environment too.

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