Road rage is the most prevalent cause of car accidents, among many others

Our daily lives are plagued with anger. Usually, the individual who is acting angry is affected, but other people and their surroundings may also be disturbed. When it comes to driving while in anger, it has a greater impact since an aggressive driver runs the risk of hurting both themselves and other people.

Road rage has become a common reason of increasing number of horrible accidents in recent times. It is not only harmful for the driver itself, but it could equally distress the other drivers resulting in a tensed and disturbed environment. When it comes to the causes of road accidents, aggressive drivers are at the top of the list.

Andy Cox, Senior Detective Superintendent, commented that road rage is responsible for four to five deaths every day on UK roads. A recent study by the University of Warwick was conducted to help individuals understand the root cause of accidents and devise a viable solution to this. It was sought to distinguish between aggressive and calm drivers. Nonetheless, this was the first research to take the initiative on the topic of aggressive driving.

According to a press statement from the study's primary author, Zhizhuo Su, where he explained that some participants were asked to recall experiences that made them furious while driving. Other people, on the other hand, were driving calmly.

As the consequence of this study, there were many observations made to determine the aggressive people’s trait throughout the driving simulation compared to the calm ones. We all are aware that aggressive drivers drive faster and more recklessly than peaceful drivers because the average speed difference between them is of 5 kilometers per hour, but some other characteristics that are prominently visible of aggressive drivers in the research are that they make several mistakes that harm the people around them, and they also tend to radiate negative energy to their surroundings, which can harm other people's mental or physical health.

Furthermore, Andy Cox remarked that he could not face seeing those who have lost a loved one due to a car accident. Driver monitoring systems (DMS) were developed to safeguard people's safety, reduce the danger of such occurrences, and offer them with a safer road environment. This will be incredibly advantageous for aggressive drivers since it will inform them when they are at risk of an accident and will calm them down with music or other activities throughout their travel.

Despite many advancements made in recent years to make driving safer for people, such as policies and alterations to the infrastructure, accidents would still be an issue in many nations owing to people's disdain for regulations and carelessness.

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