Google’s Latest Distribution Stats Claim Only 12% Of Users Have Android 13 Installed On Devices

Google’s Android 13 was launched nearly eight months back but you might be a little shocked to learn that only 12% of users’ devices have the OS system installed.

It’s not too startling to some experts who feel this was expected and when you actually come to think of it, it really means people have older versions downloaded against this one. These stats come to us straight from Google which made the news public in the form of quarterly figures via its development tool for Android Studio.

A 12% installation rate is not too bad as it might sound to some as the final time that we saw such stats receive an update was at the start of this year. And after that, the installations for Android 13 managed to double even more. Yet, 16% of such gadgets claim to have Android 12 downloaded and nearly 24% have the Android 11 version in the operating system.

When you compare it all, about 5% of such devices included Android 13 at the year’s start. But it’s just really fascinating to see how Google’s own stats change as it altered the chart at the adoption rate of 13%. This was just a year after it became so widely present for downloads.

Now, reports are speaking about how the current installation could be growing at a steady pace and that might overtake the predecessor in terms of popularity.

But there is a caveat being called out to the growth. Tech giant Google has Android up for grabs to mobile producers but it’s up to them to launch them across all of their products. For instance, this is why some devices will attain Android 14 before other devices come into play. Moreover, operating system variants and other updates tend to undergo plenty of internal testing to make sure there is compatibility and user experience arising at a consistent rate.

These types of user experiences are steady and the period for testing usually takes much longer in terms of huge version upgrades.

The first beta for Android 14 was put out recently and it's for Google’s Pixel devices and entails some stable improvements with new features. But the full release is scheduled to arise later on in 2023, near August.

But as far as older variations for Android are considered, a small fraction of some devices are still running on KitKat, Marshmallow, and Lollipop.

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