Exponential Growth Of AI Without Proper Precautions Has EU Lawmakers Calling For New Regulation Rules

Dozens of lawmakers in the European Union are expressing their dismay at the rise of AI technology without adequate measures of safety in place.

And for this reason, they’re calling for more rules to ensure such AI tools don’t go unchecked, including those designated as high risk by the EU’s AI Act.

A new open letter on Monday showed how several members of the Parliament were calling for international cooperation. This was in terms of crafting the right guardrails on AI tool development that industry experts warned may soon be the most dangerous yet powerful ones out there if proper precaution was not exercised.

This letter comes to us after a giant group of leading AI experts was seen calling for the European nation to set out more AI rules that really do expand. They similarly argued how the general purpose of AI technology might end up missing the mark.

Such a category entails a broad list of tools including ChatGPT that may not be designed keeping in mind the high-risk factor but it could be made use of in different settings that put out greater risks.

The letter that is open to the public goes on further to mention lawmakers agreed on how the AI Act is aimed to hit high-risk AI cases. But at the same time, they also require complementary preliminary regulations to create and deploy more powerful AI systems that could be adopted for a range of different purposes.

These lawmakers were seen adding a reference to another recently published letter where many leading tech billionaires and scientists agreed to pause AI training at labs for six months. This was for a system in question that was reported to be more powerful than the current GPT-4 technology model.

EU lawmakers revealed how they do share plenty of the concerns highlighted in the letter as the rate at which we’re witnessing AI technology progress is just too alarming so this warrants the necessary intervention of political attention before things get out of hand.

They even went about pledging how a necessary set of rules across the AI Act framework was required to guide AI development in a more safe and reliable way. Similarly, they want leading political figures like US President Biden and EC President Ursula von der Leyen to take notice and set out new principles for AI control and use.

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