Google Drive Has A Secret File Limit And It’s Confusing A Lot Of Users After The Recent Discovery

Did you know that Google Drive has a secret file limit?

Well, in case you answered no, there’s no reason to sweat because you are definitely not the only one. While the tech giant usually makes things quite simple and hassle-free, the same cannot be said in this regard.

Making use of cloud storage services and even providing various tiers including base plans of around 15GB for free are just some of the things that the Android maker takes pride in. But in case you are on the lookout to really size up on some things, you can go one step ahead of the rest and buy 100GB, 200GB, and even go as high as 10TB with your personal plans.

And in case you are on the lookout for things that are a bit higher than others, you can sign up for them. But wait, it’s not that simple. You don’t have the luxury here to use the storage option in the manner that you’d like. A lot of users are getting not-so-pleasant reality checks from the search engine giant.

This arises in the form of warnings about how they are over the firm’s internal storage limit and it’s not what it seems.

By the looks of it, you’d assume this means the limit for storage was crossed. But instead, it’s talking about you uploading greater than 5 million separate files on the service and that is not allowed.

As per one user on Reddit, the tech giant is imposing nearly 5 million file count limits on Google Drive Accounts, and that’s even if users have so much to spare.

The news is just recently being observed by some people but it’s proving to be a problem for others as reportedly today by media outlet Ars Technica. It shared how such texts were around for quite some time now. And we’re talking as early as February on the likes of the Google Issue Tracker.

While the starting error messages were not as clear, as they only outlined a limit for the figure of items, be it trashed or not trashed, made by the account has exceeded the limit.

Afterward, we saw a new revision arise that set out more clarity on the subject and users were getting another Error 403. This detailed how the account went above the creation limit involving 5 million items. So if you wish to produce more items, you’ll need to send some items to the trash and then delete those but they would be erased forever.
As one can imagine, the entire ordeal is surprising. No information speaks about the whole service altogether.

On the other aspect of things, there is a lower chance that personal accounts would upload 5 million files toward the service. But as explained in the new Reddit thread, it could be done.

At the end of it all, it has to do with getting clarity on the matter and providing users with a greater warning, especially where there’s no chance to overcome the limit.

For now, Google is yet to comment in detail on the matter or provide more details here.


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