Google Maps Removes Over 315 Million Fake Contributions In Bid To Crackdown Against Misinformation

Google has been at the forefront of making use of the latest technology to help curb the growing rates of misinformation seen on its platform.

The search engine giant revealed how its Maps app managed to eliminate more than 300 million fake contributions in a bid to crack down against false data spread across its various platforms. But with that said, you need to realize how it applies to the Google Maps app. And while there is no specific area where there are a lot of false data areas present now, it is now resorting to contributions made by the public via reviews, pictures, ratings, and video content of favorite destinations and those that might not be so popular.

These types of contributions are very important to the company as they provide users with a great way to search for locations that they’ve never gone to so they could attain more ideas regarding news related to what they can expect next.

But some bad actors tend to spring up with time. You’ll see them come time and time again and they are the ones that make significant efforts to get rid of this kind of behavior.

Meanwhile, new posts are proving how the tech giant is really going full throttle with its efforts and has gone all the way of removing millions of posts in the past year and it hopes to stay the same this year too.

There were similarly 115 million policy-violating reviews removed and nearly 200 million pictures and videos comprising 7 million in total blocked due to low quality, or violating Google's content policies. So that’s a lot of content and effort being put into the campaign to fight misinformation, as you can tell.

But it does not end there, the search engine giant went about protecting 185,000 firms from malicious activity and even stopped 20 million businesses from making fake profiles.

So the question is how did Google allow so much to happen in such little time?

The firm claims that a lot of the credit is limited to machine learning which keeps the focus on two main domains. Not only does it uncover abusive patterns at a quicker pace but also gets rid of fake images on its platforms too.

So the wins are major and it allows users to have the best and safest experience on its search engines and other endeavors. And a lot of the efforts do indeed tend to go unnoticed as they’re happening silently, keeping users protected at all times.

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