These Insights Reveal What Questions People Are Asking Google

One of the things that binds pretty much all human beings together is our desire to ask questions. Studies have shown that children ask approximately 73 questions on a day to day basis. While this number tends to go down once we reach five years of age, our curious nature stays with us for pretty much our entire lifetimes!

A great way to figure out what sorts of questions people are asking is to take a look at Google because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up revealing search queries that people put in. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that SimilarWeb has just revealed some insights pertaining to the questions that people ask Google most frequently.

Unsurprisingly, the term that is used the most in Google searches is “what”. Most questions that will lead to solid and factual answers begin with some kind of “what” related statement, and it is essential to keep this phrase in mind in order to make the query easier to answer. With a monthly search volume of just under 2.48 million, this search query is the most popular one by a large margin.

In spite of the fact that this is the case, this is not a complete question, so we will have to move further down the list in order to see a finished phrase. The question that SimilarWeb found people were asking the most turned out to be “what is my ip”. This query has attained a monthly search volume of over 2.06 million, which just goes to show the ubiquity of this question with all things having been considered and taken into account.

The third most used query is “what to watch”. The internet is essentially a compendium of all human knowledge, and many users go to Google to make it easier to find something to view than might have been the case otherwise. The popularity of this request has given this term a search volume of just under 1.24 million.

It seems like voting is another issue that users flock to Google to resolve. However, rather than trying to figure out who they should vote for, users generally ask Google where they can vote. Hence, “where to vote” has become the fourth most popular question that users want Google to answer, since they likely already have picked a candidate that they want to cast their ballot for.

Interestingly, the fifth questions asked by users on Google might suggest that an extremely popular social media platform is starting to lose some of its user base. That’s because the fifth most asked question is “how to delete Instagram account”, and it has been used around 786,000 times over the course of a month.

This could potentially suggest that users are no longer willing to put up with Instagram, although other statistics suggest that no such trend is occurring. Either way, all of these questions give us a look into what Google users are most interested in discovering. Marketers can use this information to position their ad campaigns in a way that would be more effective.

Most Googled questions globally
Data courtesy Similarweb.
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