Elon Musk Showcases His Vulnerable Side In Latest BBC Interview As He Opens Up About Twitter’s Ownership Struggles

While most of us know Elon Musk as a bold and erratic CEO of many leading firms in the tech world, his latest interview with the BBC showed a different side.

The new Twitter chief was seen speaking about his struggles and challenges of the platform and how the entire journey has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. He similarly did not shy away from how painful it has been for him while updating on a number of decisions regarding the app that many deem controversial.

Musk did admit that plenty of mistakes were made along the way but he is optimistic that it’s headed in the right direction.

The interview was held during the late hours of the night at Twitter’s own headquarters. This is also where Musk was grilled by the BBC for labeling it as a media outlet funded by the UK government. He agreed it was an error and would soon be amended with "Publicly funded media". And that’s right before NPR quit the platform for getting the same label that it felt undermined its services to the public, adding how there was zero truth.

The interview really had Musk tell it all and provide some updates on the website’s blue ticks and more, including how strongly he feels that he shouldn’t generate tweets later in the night as they might be causing issues.

He confirmed again that his controversial decision to eliminate Legacy Blue Ticks would be completed by this week’s end after he failed to meet the deadline outlined for April 1st. As far as why many accounts are not willing to pay for the Blue Subscription is concerned, Musk says he fails to understand why as the figure is small. He wishes to provide equal and fair treatment for all on the app and needs this done.

When questioned about his time on the platform, he smiled and said it’s not boring and it’s quite a journey. As far as regrets regarding the social media app are concerned, he claimed it was certainly painful and that it was not some sort of party.

He says it’s quite stressful and has had great difficulty handling it for months.

Today, Twitter stands with a workforce of just 1500, which is a drastic change from the 8000-member team that it once began with. Musk similarly admitted that he may have shot himself in the foot on several occasions, thanks to his abrupt decision-making ability.

Then he jumped to why he felt the need to post the Shiba Inu dog’s image as Twitter’s CEO and what the app is doing to better police content surrounding hate. He boldly denied accusations that Twitter is not a safe place and has really gone down from what it was in the past.

As far as the app’s goal right now, well, Musk hopes to make it into the most accurate app out there today. And despite the struggles of the past and those he’s currently facing right now, he sees a bright future and will continue to work on its transformation.

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