Elon Musk Says Being Projected As A ‘Horrible Person’ Is Hurtful But Vows To Carry On With His Free Speech Efforts

Tech billionaire Elon Musk opened up like never before seen during his latest sit-down interview with the BBC last night.

The world’s second richest person admitted how painful it is for him to be given the tag of a horrible person. But he says whatever he has done is for the sake of free speech and to save the Twitter platform.

While Musk did admit he’s made some mistakes along the way, he simultaneously feels the Twitter app is headed in the right direction.

The interview held at the Twitter headquarters last night saw the Twitter chief mention how harsh the media has been toward him, making sure he’s portrayed negatively.

The 90-minute interview saw a more vulnerable side to Musk and it was live-streamed during the later hours of Tuesday for viewers to enjoy. Certainly, it was hard to see how a softer side did exist, despite all the erratic and bold statements and decision-making that comes from his side.

Musk feels he has constantly been attacked and confirms he does not have a heart made of stone. But the entire journey has been rough but seeing the media fire up stories against him in a non-stop manner can hurt.

While the Tesla and SpaceX CEO failed to specify any one report, he was definitely put in the spotlight for his style of management and decision making which has been scrutinized by plenty of experts.

Musk was questioned about firing so many employees at once, causing the organization to shrink from 8000 to just 1500 in no time. Furthermore, the billionaire admitted that he was well aware of how his popularity was going downhill after all the drama that has ensued on the app.

Seeing more than 6000 people lose their jobs on the app in the past six months is just shocking and Musk says that he knows that. For him, it’s one of the most difficult decisions he’s been forced to make in his life as a boss. Yet, he chose to do it because he felt it was necessary to save up on costs and prevent the platform from sinking further.

So many workers in the company have criticized how Musk fails at communication while others refer to him as the most brutal decision-maker of all time. Others simply refer to the firm as one run by a group of cowards.

Meanwhile, another leading official from the UN urged the Twitter Chief to make sure human rights are being respected after Musk opted to dismember the app’s AI ethical squad and Human Rights team.

With so many layoffs, the reduced number of employees has really turned this app into one that’s hard to work with. There is a massive outage taking place as no one is there to handle decisions that were once taken care of by people working for the firm.

But despite all of this, Musk says it was needed to steer the platform back on track and that’s how it achieved its negative cash flow worth $3 billion in 2023. This might have to do with the loan he received to buy the firm, admitting that he needed to save it from bankruptcy.

Many workers are still employed on Twitter, Musk adds, and the fact that decisions are being made to reduce expenses has taken a toll on their working lives. This includes how bad-smelling toilets and no toilet paper were common sights to witness, as reported by some workers in New York.

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