America’s National Public Radio Clashes With Twitter Over Account Description And Quits The Platform

Twitter and NPR have recently been involved in a fiery clash of words after the leading platform opted to add a description for the media organization that it felt was not right.

The two parties failed to see eye to eye on the matter and for that reason, NPR ended up quitting Twitter as a whole.

The event began when the American-based entity slammed the popular microblogging website for describing it as a media firm that was funded by the government. And that was not something it appreciated.

The NPR went on to explain how the news just simply undermined the credibility of the firm as less than 1% of funding from the American Government makes up its budget.

Now, Twitter owner Elon Musk has been forced to intervene and alter the label across the account of BBC. And while speaking for a recent interview, the tech billionaire highlighted how he wished to alter labels in a manner where they were more accurate and truthful but he failed to mention anything about NPR.

So on Wednesday, we heard more about how NPR was not happy and how it strongly felt Twitter was out there to get it by making up false and misleading assumptions that put its credibility in question.

This decision makes NPR the country’s first leading media outlet to leave Twitter, despite the firm having a staggering 8.8 million fans following through the app. Furthermore, the media outlet has informed its fans to follow them through either newsletters or simply other apps on social media, which might mean it has no plans of coming back, at least for now.

But Musk was not happy and he was in no mood of mending burned bridges. He went on to criticize the decision by NPR through a long list of his tweets and accused it of behaving so inconsistently behavior, especially when it came down to the funding model.

In another tweet, Musk directly attacked the organization by putting out a link to its website where NPR mentioned how federal funding was necessary for America’s public radio. He further questioned why the NPR was not agreeing with the truth.

Through its own website, the NPR likes to call itself a firm that is not only independent in functioning but non-profit. It adds how it operates through mixed funding that entails corporate sponsorships, donations, and fees from its own members.

The news is not something new because we saw the BBC make a similar move to quit the app when it labeled it as a platform funded by the government. For those who may not know, the BBC operates via the Royal Charter which is in line with the Government of the United Kingdom.

Now, the decision taken by NPR is being seen as a rather bold move as the app has a base full of young people who are keen on paying money to get the best news. And this is the type of people such firms would like to engage with.

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